Beer, Wine, or Hard Liquor?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bowlblaze, Feb 8, 2004.


What's your favourite?

  1. Beer

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  2. Wine

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  3. Hard Liquor

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  4. I admit it, I drink like a fish because I'm an alcoholic!

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  1. So, what\'s your favourite form of legalized poison (aka alcohol)?
  2. hard liquor :D

    but its not good for me.. I only have one kidney.. good thing I don\'t drink much. But I smoke like a broke muffler ;)
  3. i\'m not a big drinker, but if i do it\'s either a martini usually or a blueberry tea. i like hot drinks with booze in em lol. i spose mines hard alcohol. i used to love beer. not anymore. i enjoy wine too.but i like my martinis;)
  4. Beer if I dont want to get bladdered straight away, I like the taste....I also like vodka, but I always have too much.....
  5. hard liquor.....

    rum, vodka, mailibu, presidente, brandy, jack daniels, and any thing that gots to do with liver killer...
  6. Everclear, vanilla rum...well, any type of rum, grand mariner, anything that tastes good :p... dutch beers are tasty as well...

    A beer and a bowl is a nice combo :D
  7. MGD + weed = thursday-saturday

    Gets me fucked up.......

  8. Right On
  9. I like beer when I\'m smokin bud and bourbon when I want to get drunk. Call me old school, but I like regular Budweiser and a joint. I like moonshine too, but the next morning it makes your breathe smell like the diaper ward of a Nursing Home... Yeah.. that bad
    It still fucks me up though.

    Keep Tokin
  10. I drink beer every day. I like whiskey, too, but I don\'t like getting drunk, so it\'s usually just a glass or two.

    Summertime it\'s drinks of every kind, still my favourites are Djinnantonic (let\'s see who read the book, lol) and Tequila Sunrise
  11. Wine! Wine!Wine!

    Wine and bud go well together aswell....
  12. Ugh, I hate wine. I only drink it when I wanna get drunk and its the only thing available.

    It depends on what I feel like drinkin. If Im at a party I usually go with a 12 pack of beer. If I wanna get really drunk, really fast, I go and get some vodka.
  13. hard liquor all the way

  14. Amen to that; wine has a pretty mellow but hard-hitting drunkness to it. A buddy and myself took our time chugging down a gallon of red wine...for two nights. It was more than effective at getting us drunk...and me so drunk I felt like napping in a backyard for a little bit...problem was, on the second night I head home (I walk everywhere, no drinking and driving), and set someones damn security light off; needless to say, they were wandering around the back yard searching for me while I went into a prone position behind some bushes for cover...after that I ran like hell. :D
  15. I\'d go with wine.

    I\'m a little drunk off some wine right now.

    But I still like pot better...

  16. Hehe that is pretty amusing. My roommate once drank a gallon of wine by himself in our suite, we didn\'t even go out that night. Never seen him that gone before. Good times. IMO, wine is kinda gross though.
  17. My stomach can\'t hold enough beer to get me drunk, and hard liquor makes me queasy...I\'d go with wine.

    I\'m a little drunk off some wine right now.

    But I still like pot better...well, less than three weeks of abstinence to go!
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    ...whiskey, crown royale...

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  19. Grand Mariner is pretty good too.
    Crown Royal whiskey is the bomb. I use the pouch it came in to store my bubbler now. :D
  20. not drinkin at the moment. Said I\'d give it up until my birthday and now I am GAGGING to get bladdered. Oh yessir. Something I never considered drinking until now: Good old Lambs Navy Rum. That\'ll be fun to try. Oh and WHISKEY... WHISKEY WHISKEY WHISKEY WHISKEY!!! MMMMMMMmmmMMMM.... I am going to get so fucked due to low tolerance levels this march. By they by... remember March the 3rd is international Switch day. Don\'t you all forget it!!!

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