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  1. In a recent study done by me and several friends the following results were found:

    First six males were taken out to a pub and given six pints each in no more than two hours, after this 100% of the guys present displayed the following female charicteristics:

    *Arguments were started for no reason
    *Arguments were started over nothing large
    *The smallest thing would trigger an emotional reaction of immense proportions
    *No coherant points were made
    *Even when one party in an argument KNEW they were wrong *they did not appologise.
    *All were totaly incapable of driving.
  2. I'd be growling right now if that wasn't so damn funny, Switchy Boy!!!

    Bad Switch, Bad!!!!

  3. so true so true
  4. Hey, I'm an excellent driver, thank you very much...better than some guys I know
  5. LMAO a test that I do believe was actually done..
  6. you know what i was wondering when i read this!.......what were the woman doing out of the kitchen???? out....Sid
  7. :rolleyes: the kitchen!
    keep up the good work boys and you'll getcha a nice belly and some boobs too.
  8. don't mind the don't mind the boobs either as long as i could suck out......Sid

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