beer runs are a no no for me

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  1. okay so last Saturday me and my friends met up smoked and we all decided to do something illegal(i know retarded of me) when my friend is like BEER RUN! so im like okay i do it. so we go to CVS and my friends park outside near the fire exit. i stroll in all chill like it not a thang go pick up some coors and i move to exit through the fire exit. BEEP BEEP BEEP and i drop the beer and run to the bathroom. while im in there the place calls the cop and i dont know this so i stay in there call my friends and told em to stab out. i walk out to the door and the cop rounds the corner. im shocked and he says id please so i tell him okay and hand him my id. he asks what were you doing and i told him about to leave the store he asked "wheres your purchase?" i just said i needed to take a piss and i stopped in from my walk. he said "doubtful you were on a beer run" and i nodded. so he cuffs me and hauls me down to jail where i call my friend and he comes by and gets me out but i had to go to court where i got probo for attempted theft. Now im wondering why i did that considering i dont even drink... im probably just gonna lay low for awhile pay off the ticket and than do nothing involving beer runs or beer bashes...
  2. I mean, in florida I watched people that i'd just met run into the store and throw 40 bucks on the counter, and ran out with 2 thirty packs. (Can't buy beer after 2, and it was 2:30 so he said fuck it.)

    He was of age, and paid for it.
    But man, this is the City so i'll be nice but. What were you thinkin'!!?

    Why didn't you straight book it, instead of go BACK into the stores bathroom that you were just trying to ROB.
    Silly buns.
  3. damn that probably wasnt the best idea to run to the bathroom but im not gonna judge
  4. run to bathroom plan= combination of high and to much sweet tea
  5. sweet tea and weed ftw
  6. lol why would you run into the store?
  7. haha forgot to put in the part where it was locked
  8. your sooo dumb....not to be mean, but thats just plain stupidity. sorry man, good luck with all the stuff you just brought on to yourself. use ur head
  9. i love beer runs. i always hit up the local Thriftway for beer runs, the emergency exit is always unlocked at night:cool: been doin it since junior year in hs
  10. no offense but that was probably the stupidest thing ive ever heard of. why the fuck would you trap yourself in a bathroom if you already dropped this shit?
  11. Sorry that you are retarded I guess? Damn....Its easy as hell to get beer here and I'm not even 21 yet lol. Ask around...

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