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  1. So anyone else like to kill some beers while playing?

    I think it's one of the best ways to get drunk.

    On New Years I was at a party and it was 2 vs 2. Last cup on each side, it has been a long game at this point. So my partner shoots and misses. So then I go for a behind the back shot and it goes in! And we won haha

    A Beer Pong match to remember
  2. in high school we used to treat beer pong like a sporting competition lol.
    trash talk would ensue all week long..and usually it would commence in my garage or another buddies house. we had championship belts, tournaments, 5 on 5's lol anything u could think of.

    me and my buddy, no bullshit, used to be the best 2 players in the school my junior and senior one point we won 30 straight games, as well 100 out of 105..yes we took it that serious.
  3. I'm actually pretty good at behind the back, but I don't think I've ever been in a position to win the game with it.

    I had a game a couple weeks ago where my partner and I both got on fire on the first turn.. brought them down to one cup then won on our next turn. Then they wanted a rematch and we managed to pull off a death cup on our second turn.. two games vs them only took us four turns to win combined lol
  4. Can you explain what the on fire rule is? I never really play with it.

    What is the longest game you've played? I seriously played a whole hour game haha

  5. If you make 3 shots in a row you keep getting the ball back until you miss.

    damn an hour is crazy.. I don't think I've ever had one last long enough to keep note of. I either win fast or lose fast lol
  6. Ahh I see. And yeah it was so equally matched. It started as 2 vs 2 then it was 1 vs 1 haha
  7. ive had games go on for an hour..shit maybe even longer

    one time we were in the final game of a tourney..we went to like 5 overtimes lol and then by the last one theres about 30 people crowded around just cheering and booing lmao god damn do i miss those days
  8. I love root dude. One of my all time favorites was 3v3 28 cup root, i played with two of my girl friends and we had sierra nevada/corona/budweiser in our cups. Neither one of them can drink worth a dam so I ended up killing probably 24 to myself. That was a fun night.
  9. I straight get down, yo.

    King of D and I will bounce it off your gf's tits! :cool:
  10. Lol I probably bounce more than anyone

  11. I used to be so pro at that, but then word got out among my friends that I constantly do it so now nobody ever takes their eyes off me.. I miss playing against strangers, it's been awhile for me. It's been awhile since I've played a good game of beer pong, think I gotta convince people to do a tourney sometime soon now.
  12. id loveeee to play you haha over the years ive developed a technique to make it seem like im not paying attention, basically inviting you to bounce..then i swat that shit and wag the finger like Mutumbo
  13. I do the same thing. So that'd be a good match up haha
  14. My technique for the bounce is simple, i pick out a good looking chick near the other team and go lazer eyes on her backside or rack and when the guys on the other team wonder what im looking at and check her out...BAM BOUNCE. Too busy distracted by the T & A
  15. Good strategy haha What I do can be seen in other sports. When you do it without even looking. My techniques very because people will start to catch on if they're that good.

    I try to keep the ball bouncing as low as I can so either to ball goes in a cup or they smack a cup trying to get the ball :) Pay attention to how close they're to the table
  16. I bounce as soon as my partner shoots. Works a good percent of the time.

    Quick bounce.
  17. Yeah that definitely is a good strategy

  18. This.

    I've caused someone to panic with this move and they swatted my ball, my teammates ball and two cups off the table. Karma decided to balance things out and on their next turn I finger the ball out of one cup and into the cup they made the first shot.. fail lol
  19. We used to play a game called nemesis at Maryland. 3X3 with 28 or 36 cup racks. Roll backs are anywhere, always shoot before you drink, you play someone on the other becoming their nemesis; you share a ball with them. Any cup they hit you drink and vice versa. One person usually goes on a fucking tear for like 15 cups and the person playing them gets killed. Oh those were the days. Enjoy college while you can.

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