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Beer made from Bud

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Serplertern, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. So I just got back from a tour of Europe, one of the big stops was Prauge.There were tons of advertisements for what I assume to be alcoholic beverages made with or infused with marijiauna (along with an endless list of other kinds of edibles). It sounded kinda stupid and felt a little like it was designed to trick you into thinking you would get high and drunk when really it probably did a poor job of doing even one of those things. Anyone know if it was all BS or if I totally missed out?

    P.S- sorry if I messed up in making this thread, this is the first time I've ever made a thread on any site
  2. Firstly let me just warmly welcome you to the city my friend I can't tell you how nice to see a actual articulate not wanting to throw my head into the wall question from a new member. Glad to have you among us I would say. But a lot of that stuff as far as an industry is in its infancy so quality control is just not there. So it may have been awsome or it may have not been awsome. If it's not a ridiculous asking price it's worth trying. But in my opinion it's kinda a useless because you can the same thing with just buying them both.. maybe it's a convenience thing. So bottom line might of
    Missed out but nothing you can't replicate easily yourself. Take care buddy
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  3. Four Toke-os? Nobody steal my fucking idea.
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  4. Too late, it's in dispensaries already :smoke: , same thing with hot weed-o's , Canna-Bul etc lol.

    Op you can infuse cannabis with alcohol it's nothing new. Needs to made correctly though.
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  5. I've heard of it before ,but seeing it almost everywhere you go was super weird and pretty fishy. I'm a little upset I didn't at least try it, but like Renegade said I could probably reproduce the effects by just drinking and smoking at the same time
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  6. Bring beer. Will drink.
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  7. Fuck that was supposed to be my big idea!! I guess I'll have to make it better.

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