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  1. So I was wondering at stores like CVS/RiteAid/Walgreens what sets of those |[]| beeper things by the door? Is it the bar code?
    How about in other stores like Walmart?

    I do not have any intention to steal, I am just curious.
  2. sensor strips either inside or on the side...
  3. its a magnetic field, thats why they rub the article on that plate thingy, or take the tag off before you pass through to deactivate it. it is justr a big detector, it detects the magnetic signiture and beeps if it does so.
  4. This^
    When it's scanned along that little plate with the red laser line going through it, the strip is deactivated. Some stores have their sensers on silent though so be carefull not stealing.
  5. If you want DXM(that's what your question put into my head, sorry if this offended you), just take it out of the box and into your pocket/pants lmfao. i would suggest buying it, or finding someone to buy it for you, fore if you get caught, it's very bad, because you're stealing a drug basically. I think it's called like Class 3 Shoptheft or something. Don't steal, it's stupid.

    Also, stores tend to hide censor strips in battery cartridges inside a product i.e. camera (just a little fact i found interesting).
  6. its not the bar code, its a little thick plastic stip thingy with a bar code on it they stick onto things. Its got two little peices of metal in it
  7. Yeah, I know what you mean.
  8. Heh I was just thinking about the times when I was a freshman I would steal dxm :p

    So if a store doesn't have those deactivators at the counter the door alarms are fake?
  9. sometimes you cant see the deactivators, because they are like underneath the counter or on the side you cant see and shit, but generally yeah.
  10. The sensors near the door read your brainwaves, and an alarm sounds when they detect mischievous thoughts.
  11. I knew it!
  12. fuck!
  13. Idk man, I've wondered this too. A couple years ago, I was sixteen, and I would walk out of Rite Aid with my pockets stuffed with packs of unopened cigars. I just took them right off the shelf and walked out, as if the sensors weren't even there. Never got caught but once I found a place to sell to me I stopped, I didn't really want to steal, it was just the easiest way for me to get blunt wraps at the time.

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