Been Very Worried Lately and Panicy- Help?

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  1. So recently I don't know what my problem has been, I just came back to smoking yesterday after about a week n a half t break and I started to panic cause I had too much apparently and just freaked out. It reminded me alot of the cid that I had a bad trip from and I lost it. It took me a few hours to get better, anyways. That leads me to today, I felt very weird today, sorta like panicy and worried. I feel like ive been thinking way too much about things lately, and like bad things such as dying, the future, the point of stuff, and like everything just makes me worry and panic and I dont really know what to do to help this.

    I dont know if anyone else had experience something like this randomly, but anyone had any thoughts of like what I can do to help myself get over this. Is it just some little phase im gonig through? I've been on house arrest for abouth a month now, and my court date has been moved to the 15th of oct.. so im still on it until then. Is it possibly from being here so long and being stressed out about getting hit, or what. I just am thinking about life too much, and it worries me too much sometimes.

    For some reason when I go to smoke now i am worrying about having a bad time again! I cant stand being like this, i smoked for 6 months straight everyday and now im worried about smoking just a little again to get high!

    Help someone?
  2. dude, i went through the same thing that you are... minus a big panic attack. but i would have really little panic attacks all the time. like i went to the movies, and the graphics were so intense and the sound was so loud that i had to close my eyes a couple of times just to calm down. and just like u said, i would be depressed think about depressing things. i stopped smoking for a while, and then when i went back i smoked a little less often for a while. i havent felt like that since. so even though you just started back, id space out the days that you smoke a little more for a while.
  3. I'm going through the same shit man.

    To be honest I don't think I will ever be "me" again.

    I tripped on shrooms and cid on like a monthly basis way back in highschool.

    It really fucked up my mind, I now have intense anxiety for no reason.

    Just having conversations with people is very hard for me, when I look at a person's face I can't help but start tripping out and getting paranoid.

    I guess its from tripping so much/ bad trips.

    What I'm trying to say is, ever since tripping on Acid and Shrooms, my mind has been unlocked and expanded. Now everything is so much more complex to me.
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    I went through it last year pretty much exactly how you and ismoke green described it. Never had a bad trip but had a little panic attack that felt like cid. I was really distant and weird for a while, wouldnt talk to people, everything sketched me out, i was kinda depressed, still feel a little weird actually. But your best bet is to stay sober for a while, its the only thing that helped me. It really does get better though.

    also dont let this destroy your views on acid, after i got over it i started feeling like i was getting something more from my trips and hold much more respect for it.
  5. Thanks alot everyone. Im getting some xanax today to try to help with it. I just dont understand why this happened. The last time I tripped was over a month ago and I smoked plenty after that. Then I stopped for about a week n half then smoke and it just has felt like this for a few days. I didnt smoke today and hoping to feel better, still feel a bit strange.
  6. I had a very serious panic attack after binging on computer duster, complete with a trip to the ER. After that I get random panic attacks to the point where I just need to sit down and put my head down. The only way to explain it is like the come up of a really bad trip, and I just feel "disconnected" from reality. I feel you man, and I too hope someday these feelings will go away, but sometimes I wonder. Anyone have an idea?

  7. That seems like it to me too, disconnected from reality. But the weird reason is Why... why is this happening after I just smoked after a T-Break? Did you try to go to a doctor for anything to help? How long has it been occuring to you.

    Does anyone think its a build up of constant stress I've been having, plus being on house arrest for over a month so far?
  8. i had a HORRIBLE trip on cid. I was chillin at my friends house going alrightttt than all of the sudden i heard a thump upstairs, i went up there and my friends dad was having a seizure :( its was crazy i couldnt help but stare at him helplessly shaking on the ground and my mind was just gone. Visions of everyone i loved just horrible things happening to them. it was by far the worst experience of my life, i was only 14 at the time i'm 19 now and it took my about 2 years to fully put that behind me. I've will never touch cid again n boomers on very RARE ocassions. Just stick to the herb homie, best of luck to you. get geekd:smoking:
  9. Im starting to think im going through some sort of Depersonalization or Derealization. Im trying to do things as often as possible with family and be normal again, sleep better. I've had alot of stress lately, and feel anxious now. I hope to go to a doctor for this or depression on monday and see how things play out. Hopefully I wont need to and I'll be fine soon. I just don't know why this occured after having smoked.. I didnt have these feelings before I smoked again
  10. My theory is, because I'm conscious of that feeling of anxiety I'm constantly worried about that feeling returning. In a way you just trick yourself into thinking something is wrong because you emulate that feeling out of fear, It's a viscous cycle. I believe that over time, and without relapse, I will eventually "forget" the feeling and hopefully feel better.
  11. lol some people just ac tlike that i duno wtf it is i love fucking with them though every1 would act like the cops are there nt hey go running hiding lmfao good times
  12. How have you been feeling latley man?
  13. Could this be a sign leading to depression?

    Have you been feeling depressed lately?
  14. I cant really say, sometimes I just dont feel right. I dont know if its derealization or depersonalization or what.. Im going to the doctor monday, maybe its deppression or something. I've just been trying not to think about it and just ignoring it like most people say to do.. it like fuels itself by your worrying. I dont know if its all in my head or if its real but it is just weird how it happened after I smoked after a T break.
  15. please dont go on xanax, im serious just wait it out man it sucks but it will work its way out, just gradually gets better, tell ur friends about it, mine helped alot.
  16. I did that shit way back in the dating myself huh? Actually I think my weed was dusted.....we had so much sorry assed weed in Arkansas back then that folks would qadd shit trying to make it better....not a good idea. Personally I think....and this is just my are just having panic attacks because of the pending court date and stuff. I agree with Lennon, stay off tha Xanax and talk with your friends about it, also start exercising will drop endorphins to your system and give you more of a sense of well being. some folks let tha smoke take em'll learn to control it. maybe try some shit that aint quite so potent. Peace be tha journey bro.
  17. Dude I can almost promise you its the house arrest. I was on house arrest for 37 days and after 14 days I started losing it, I got such bad anxiety and depression and started thinking life was all short etc etc.. You may be experiencing depression/anxiety..

    Check this out
    Anxiety Attacks and Disorders: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment
  18. i agree with wat cavebear said, excersise helps clear your head alot.
  19. I can say I feel myself gradually getting better, not so depressed, being excersing alot more, doing more family stuff. I'm happy a good amount of the time, or atleast try to be. I'm not thinking about the feelings I'm having, ignoring them, trying to eat carbs and get a good diet going.. any tips on diets?

    Im really not sure on the problem but im going to a physc tommorow to see whats going on, I dont have .25mg xanax to help with my anxiety that I get from it if I think of it, it also helps me not think of it as well.

    Basically the feeling is just weird, I know who I am and I'm not multiple people, but I just feel like some things arent as normal as they should be. Its just so strange and the only reason it puts me down is cause I dont want it to last forever, or long at all. It all just arose from me getting too high from a T-Break and probably being on house arrest and such. I've been going out as often as I can and being with my girlfriend, its really helping. I just want someone thats been through this to tell me it will pass soon and it gets better gradually.

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