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Been using mg 15-30-15 all purpose all year long

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by rebelhunter, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Ya man, go for the 15-30-15. The plant will luv u for giving it extra P before going into flower.

  2. Lol Freak is always promoting Miracle Grow. I think he works for em. :)

    It's not Miracle grow products I have a problem with like most people on this site. I simply don't like MG bloom feed because when Cannabis begins to flower it doesn't need that much N and it could use some more P.

    The N in there just increases the chance it will burn IMO.
    If the bloom could be 0-30-15 I would love it. But MG just
    isn't the BEST for Cannabis and can be replaced by something
    better for the same price.
  3. If I did, in fact, work for em - Id be a fuckin millionaire dude !!!
    Ya know what it really is ???

    I pull for the underdog - the poor guy settin down in his basement, who has no money for good nutes, or a Ph meter and really is committed to wantin to grow some weed for himself. So he goes and rummages around moms cupboards and finds an old baga MG.

    He spends night and day, doin what he can, for that little plant - with bare bones nutes.

    Someone who can do that, is, in my books, a master grower.

    Its like livin at the south pole without a parka and surviving.

    My hat goes off to these guys. They are not necessarily broke, but they work with the bare essentials and make magic happen...


  4. Nah dude I hear yah. The picture you painted there happens more than people think. Not everyone has the option of getting fox farm nutes and soil. (Myself included)
  5. freak got it right haha, i did get this miracle grow from my moms shed lolzz. i tried looking for fox farm nutes and soil before but the problem is no one sells it where i live. i went to there website to find dealers and the closest one is like an hour away.
  6. LOL :eek:.

    This is a good thread.

    :smoke: :D :smoke:
  7. Damn, Freak and I just hit that dead on.
    Does Cannabis cause an increase in psychic
    brain activity? LOL
  8. I believe it does, cuz I alwayz intuitively know when its time to spark up that next reefa mon lol ;).

  9. I found out flushing with fox farms big bloom in the water significantly improves yield. It's NPK is so low that you don't have to worry about the plant holding on to it. Plus you can always flush with distilled water the last week of flowering if your still worried x]
  10. so i found out my buddy has some Green Light Super Bloom its 12-55-6 is this good, like should i grab it from him or should i just stick with mg 15-30-15???
  11. Yeah my plant is over a month old, not flowering though , but i'll hit it with like 1/2 or 1/4 strength right now, havent checked it in a few days but it should be all good, of that potent shit.
  12. so you use this Green light Super Bloom?
  13. I can't remember what it's called but when I go to feed, which I should right now ;) but I am lazy, i'll tell you what it is called, Idk if its the bloom stuff, but yeah

  14. Wow.

    That is some super dank nutes bro.

    Its good if the plants are in the ground, but its very sketchy stuff in a confined pot.
    Ya know - that drainage thing.

    I really like the lower #s of N and K. Right where they should be for flower.

    That P ratio is awesome and im positive it'll do a plant good, but like I said - only if its in the ground soil.


  15. well its not in the ground. its in about a 5 gallon or a little bigger pot. Could i maybe just give it like 1/2 the strength it says on the container? or would it burn it up?he said it was only 10 bucks and got it at Lowes
  16. IDK...with me, it all comes back to "If it aint broke - dont fix it".

    Im tempted to say go for it. But nah, wait till yer all good in the ground.

    It would be a devastation to lose yer girl and all the hard work uve done man.

    I would think that thousands of growers are rootin u guyz on now too.

    Dont disappoint us lol.

  17. your right Freak. you been the most help and i appreciate it. Im gonna stick with the mg 15-30-15 for the big girl, tho i might try this new fert on the clone i took from her thats about 2 feet tall, which if something happened to her i wouldnt be near as upset as i would as the big girl. again more rep for you freak!
  18. The stuff I have is MG All purpose, 15-30-15, I gave my plant about maybe 1/4 to 1/2 str, some faggot bugs are eating my plant, or a rabbit I cant tell, whatever it is hella munchin
  19. U should get some Neem oil spray and a Doktor Doom fogger.

  20. I went to the local store last night, ONLY flowering fertz they had were Miracle gro bloom booster, 10-30-10, I have quite a few plants in pots outdoors, will this be okay fellas? x]

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