been up all weekend straight

Discussion in 'General' started by el-producto, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. i smoked glass for the first time friday night and have been up since. i smoked some 2 different times saturday also. i didnt pay for any of this so fuck it. also i got a free ounce of nug was going for $325 an ounce (jack move). i hate the glass wearing off, not a good state of mind
  2. what crappy drug is glass? Meth or something?
  3. oh man....though u were talkin bout smokin out of glass...and u have been up since. haha my bad...well if ur talkin bout meth, 3 letters
  4. eh what does HIV have to do with meth? especially since he said SMOKING meth, which is the usual method of doing it. or snorting it.
  5. Just say NO to drugs..... or yes.... I forgot.....
  6. :D ^i agree^
  7. ^Now i NEED pringles :p^
  8. yeah i dont get what hiv has to do with crystal meth either
  9. Sorry I don't have anything worthwhile to contribute to this thread, but I just wanna say that I love your avatar el-producto. It made my day....that and pot.

  10. yeah but i said i smoked it. i think the oj avatar is funny too lol. luke why dont you smoke meth instead of snorting it? hits you harder when smoking
  11. meth is such bad shit...
  12. For Real Luke....aint It All Cracked Out To Belike Everyone Says But I Still Like It

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