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Been to dentist high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, May 29, 2009.

  1. so i normally wake and bake every morning but I have a dentist appointment, Does it hurt? feel awkward or uncomforatble?, feel good,? or same?
  2. It'll feel the same... you'll just be high.
  3. if you dont have alot of bud then wait until after the appointment, it really doesnt change anything but make time pass faster, also remember to use mouth wash etc. they would know youre high if you dont

  4. The dentist will know you smoke no matter what because they can see the tartar on the backs of your teeth from the smoke.
  5. the dentist is not going to care if you're high.
  6. last time I went to the dentist high he spanked my ass and called my mom
  7. I go stoned all the time and I have braces so I go a lot. Once a month or so. Nobody says shit. Yes I am 18.
  8. WOuld a dentist be able to tell you smoke even if you onl smoke on weekends???

  9. doubt it.. but whats the big deal I dont think he will scape your teeth put it in a test tube and send it to the drug lab for inspection
  10. ive been high almost anywhere i go regularly:smoking:
  11. yea i usually get fried if i have to get a cavity filled. Once i was lazy and din't brush my teeth and use mouth wash. The nurse wispered to me saying i smelt like a roach.

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