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  1. So i was reading some threads i started, just to kind of reminiscence in the past i guess.

    It seems my threads either make no sense (to other people) or are just not very interesting. Not sure if it's just my ideas and what not are not interesting, or if its the way i express them. Either way i think it's a little silly. Actually being worried if people that could be anywhere right now, seem to care what this measly speck has to say.

    I mean i have fun here, i enjoy posting and responding to people and what not. But the only reason I really join forums is so that i can kill some time. Eventually I'll probably just stop coming here as to getting bored (i tend to drift between forums) and never show my face again.

    Won't have left alot for people to reflect on, except I'm a little strange and....a little bit of a monstrosity. I won't go into detail as it would only confuse people.

    Not entirely sure what the whole point of this is. I mean, one minute i'm just browsing forums. Next i felt i show make a thread describing how i feel, that no one will seem to be able to relate to.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm aware no one will really understand where I'm coming from. And that's cool.

    Kinda sucks having a thought process not many people seem to get.

    Tongues man, it's like I'm speaking in tongues
  2. be direct niqqa; i've been doing a lot of drinkin and i'm a licensed therapist
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    I'm not direct in my speech.

    I enjoy metaphors, examples. Only way i know how to describe things.
  4. i'm not reading your entire post again but i'm sure you used no metaphors just vague descriptions of yourself why do you think you're a little "speck" or a "monstrosity". And how is you relationship with your mom? it's probably stemming from a relationship with your mom. yeah
  5. Because i chose to post in a manner people actually understand, instead of hidden meanings and symbolism, because apparently, people can't see that kinda shit.

    My relationship with my mom is fine. It's not stemming from that. It's stemming from me.

    I mean, think about it, riddles, metaphors...people don't look into that. They expect everything p straight, in their face.

    I tend to not talk like a person of current society. I have my own process and expressions that come off as, quirky.

    Kind of like a transmission message with static. You can only hear parts of it, but never really get the full message.

    What is it saying? A warning? A map? Or just talking blankly?

    As if to speak to the wind itself. Only to realize the wind cannot listen.

    And thus, the rotation is completed.
  6. I'm smellin' what you're steppin' in.
  7. Shit, your posts are like those old books we had to read in high school, hamlet, tom sawyer and shit "this be the far side of huckleberry side reall jolly whale wars mate" fucking hated those books.
  8. niqqa anyone who has taken a basic english course looks into that kind of shit. the only reason yousa not getting the types of conversations you want is because yousa on a marijuana forums like fo reals just reading your posts is a task; in this state of mind, short and sweet is what i want to read nothing convoluted you feels me

    i'm sure other niqqas no what you just said too; there is no "rotation"
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    Not to be mistaken for stepping in something pleasant with a sweet aroma.

    No. This is more of a earth beneath your feel kinda step. Stepping as i would normally. And everyone else is wearing shoes. Mocking my bare feet.

    Drift into the big blue sea. Find an island, set up camp. And become a hermit. But i hate only talking to the wind.

    Or is it the upcoming event? One i signed my life away to. Or just that song i heard earlier set of a chain reaction of dominoes. And this is the end result. A pile of dominoes, with nothing to no longer knock over.

    My wiring is strange. I can understand other peoples wiring, but they can't understand mine. Why? Is it too meticulously woven? Or is theirs over simplified? I See now that hieroglyphics, can only be understood by people who learn them.

    The worlds at large. Why i should remain?

    Wanna tell me that again?

    And if you think people want short and sweet, go look at the religion and philosophy boards, look at the politics boards.
  10. Ey, we're meant to walk on bare feet anyway. :ey: :cool:
  11. What in the holy mother of fuck are you talking about, boy?!
  12. This is what I'm talking about.

  13. Okay let me take a stab I'm a licensed therapist.
    I'm not reading all of those threads LoL I'll give it a stab tomorrow when I'm sober if you want though
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    Probably some narcissism here too LoL; he's insinuating that only he has the capability to understand something complex or complex people.

    Edit: He also says something extremely basic with complex wording because he probably likes to give that sort of impression.
  15. You are unique.Society tends to be the same and everyone follows along.

    I love you my friend, for being an individual and not following along like someone without a mind.
  16. Clearly pot use makes people stupid.
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    .exe not found.


    .exe not found.

    Transmission drivers not installed properly.

    Or are the drivers installed? And their just of alien technology?

    Perhaps fortune shall help.

    Dry for quite some time.

    The gates are too heavy to open, i cannot pass into town.

    I shall return to my society and lave yours be.

    They don't like my kind there.

    No. Symptoms are not what i show in regular life. The only process you can understand me via an online for, is from the text i provide, and the way you interpret it.
  18. Curious CLKWRK do you have any hobbies im guessing something artistic. If not look into doing something artistic sculpture painting or stick with words and get into poetry. Just seems to me you might be lacking a focus for all your abstract energies and are trying to release them here on the forums.

    You certainly have an interesting approach to expressing yourself.
  19. I used to write poetry. Was more of a coping mechanism for depression.

    Haven't written in a long time.

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