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been thinking about moving to amsterdam

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. yup... i am... not right away, but in about 2 years. basically i wanna use the next couple years to save up money. then put a down payment on a home/cafe. i'll probably work there for a while before opening up (give the plants some time to grow, lol), then eventually just use the cafe as my income...

    i still need to work out all the details though... like how i'm gonna go about getting everything set up. any advice from people who live there would be appreciated. i still gotta find out how much cost of living is over there, how exactly i'm going to go about purchasing a building, all the proper procedures i'll have to go through to open a cafe, etc.,... lol. wish me luck guys :)
  2. Good luck, Cottons!!!!!

    I think it's a cool idea. When I visit Amsterdam, I can work in your cafe in exchange for a place to stay. That would be groovy! We can eat that strange spaghetti stuff you make that I read about in another post and bake brownies and get high.........LEGALLY!!!!!!:)

    ::::::::doing the happy dance:::::::::
  3. i was thinking of moving there when im all growed up for many resons, the economic system, hashish, judical punishment (when compared to the U.S expecally), hashish, legal (therefore more humane) prostituton, hashish. you get the idea...

  4. who would i get in contact with over there about getting a visa and becoming a citizen of Holland instead of the US? that list is a bit more than what i expected, so it'll take a little longer... but it's doable... so i'm gonna give it a shot :) are the coffeeshops usually busy? like... enough where someone could use that as their only source of income?

  5. So that's about £10K, sit in the back of a truck and keep your fingers crossed that the dogs don't catch you at Dover!

  6. yeah... i was just wondering which gov. agencies i would go about talking to in order to become a legal, working resident alien (or whatever the Holland requirements are), so i could begin the process. but about the job thing... would finding a job there and relocating to that country be included?

  7. i'll think of something, lol. i'm all kinds of determined. i'll find a way to get there; and eventually i'll have my coffee shop :) thanks for all the help guys. i really appreciate it.
  8. allright, i did some research on dutch government sites, and i found the following. These are the things you have to have in order to become a dutch citizen. I'll try to translate

    u moet volgens de Nederlandse wet meerderjarig zijn (v.a. 18 jaar of eerder gehuwd);

    you gotta be 18 years old

    u verblijft al minstens 5 jaar onafgebroken in Nederland (of de Nederlandse Antillen of Aruba) op het moment dat het verzoek om naturalisatie ingediend wordt;

    You have stayed the last 5 years in Holland (or Dutch Antils or Aruba) at the moment you ask to be a citizen

    er mogen geen bezwaren bestaan tegen het voor onbepaalde tijd verblijven in Nederland. Naturalisatie voor bepaalde tijd is niet mogelijk;

    It is for a not-determined time. There can be no objections to you staying in holland for a not-determined time

    u moet ingeburgerd zijn in de Nederlandse samenleving. Dat wil zeggen dat u redelijk Nederlands moet spreken en u mag, als u getrouwd bent, maar met één vrouw getrouwd zijn;

    You have to know dutch customs, speak Dutch, and if you're married it van be to only one person (that's what it says, i didn't make that up :p)

    er mogen geen ernstige vermoedens zijn dat u een gevaar oplevert voor de openbare orde, goede zeden, de volksgezondheid of de veiligheid van het Koninkrijk. Uw gedrag in de vier jaar voorafgaand aan de beslissing is hierbij met name van belang. Bent u in die periode veroordeeld tot gevangenis- of taakstraf of een boete van € 453,80 of hoger dan wordt het verzoek afgewezen. Bij gevaar voor de volksgezondheid moet niet worden gedacht aan besmettelijke ziektes, maar bijvoorbeeld aan gevaren voor de (geestelijke) volksgezondheid;

    You can't be a dangerous person (if you have been in prison, or have had another serious punishment you will be rejected). If you'r mentally ill you will also be rejected.

    u moet afstand doen van uw oude nationaliteit.

    you will forfeit your other nationality

    hope this helps!
  9. sorry, i can't find nemore, the site of them is very difficult to understand! you could contact the dutch ambassy....

    i think it's the easiest to marry a dutch woman!
  10. wow. those last couple posts were helpful! i'm going to do some more research and contact the embassy. thanks again guys! :)
  11. arseface that is the most head on conspiricy theory ever.
    i have been saying that for the longest time.

    -slightly related tangent-

    a week b4 september 11 bush - or some gov offical - said that they would dismantle the taliban 4 taking the 43 - or 34 or someting - million that the US offered ffor some kind of pipe line thing that ran thru Afganistan.
    Afganistan recived this $$$$ 2 mays ago. Oh right the conflict was because they just kept the money without doing what was asked of them.


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