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been thinking a lot lately

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. hey. i've been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple weeks... mainly about what i'm going to do with my future. and i've made a decision. i've decided i'm going to go back into the United States Marine Corps. don't get me wrong, i'm not all for the gov. or anything (actually it's quite the opposite)... but there's a real lack of opportunity here. no jobs, no potential... plus i think it would really do me good. it'll give me a chance to get some money saved up, and help me get out on my own (not to mention pay for college :) lol). i don't know yet when i'll be leaving, but when i do i'll be gone for about 3 months for basic training. then i'll be back for like a week (i'll be sure to check in back here to tell ya all about bootcamp). after that i go to MCT (Marine Combat Training) for a month, then to my job training. after that i'll go to my permenant duty station where i'll be able to go on-line and stuff again. this is going to be insane. i'll let you know when i'm leaving when i find out.

  2. I might go into ROTC for the Marines, but I dont know yet...
  3. bootcamp's insane... if ya have any questions about the marines don't hesitate to ask.
  4. just one, why?

    let's be honest, you know the likely destination.....Iraq
  5. I'd be going to the officers' camp or whatever after 4 years of college. So that way I'd be a 2nd Lieutenant. As far as Iraq: I'm not going to join the armed forces for a job, it's the armed forces...

  6. doesn't matter. every marine (officer or enlisted) stands on the little yellow footprints at bootcamp. It's insane. not every branch of the military can say that. the marines is the only branch where if you go through their bootcamp you can (after completing your time in the marines) go to any other branch, and skip their basic training. but every marine, goes through marine bootcamp. it's intense :)
  7. Wont you miss bud? I met so many marines in Hawaii and they all missed pot so much and said the marines suck. The Navy guys said the same shit.

  8. cottons was very stoned while writing this... very, very stoned... please disregard :) actually. what i want to do is save up some money and move to amsterdam :) lol...
  9. It's nice to know you're keeping your options open. This whole future crap sucks at times but always remember one thing, it's easy to dream.
    We got to go for it!!

  10. this was so funny to read after all that...but amsterdam does sound good...

    **shuffles around for some change for a lottery ticket...**



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