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Been sober for 15 days... can I pass a test?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Russian Roulett, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I might be getting a drug screen soon, and if I turn out neg, and pass it, then I won't have to get tested anymore. I've been sober for 15 long fucking days. I could of sworn years have past. Is it possible to piss clean?
  2. If you smoked a ton before you stopped you may need more time, but you also maybe clean, varies from person to person greatly.
  3. You're clean bro. Have no fear.
  4. you are a sad soul, if you make is past the 1st days its soo easy:confused:
  5. nah the last time I smoked was fuckin 3 mondays ago and it was only a half g, thanks to low tolerence, and now I am thinking of smoking soon. If I am clean now, and I smoke about a half a g, or a quarter of a g, how long would it take to get outta my system?
  6. Assuming you're clean, it would be like 6-10 days depending on physical activity, fat %, etc.
  7. this is DT thread number... what? 10,000 now? something like that.
  8. Thanks for your help, bro :rolleyes:
  9. Its possible for you to pass the drug test now but I dunno for sure... I haven't smoked for four weeks and I just took one of those at home piss test and failed it.
  10. Exercise, eat good drink water....and did I mention exercise...just to be safe!

    Also. how long b4 the screening?
  11. not true. i just went 3 days without smoking, tried to take a break. it was actually really easy for the first 2 days, you feel good for being sober. then after the third day i couldnt take it anymore. so 15 days is good in my opinion.

    (sorry, forgot question, probly fine in your DT too.)

  12. Pssh, I'm on my third day and I'm feeling great. No wanting to get high. Of course I gradually stepped myself down from a qtr a day to about 2 bowls a day to nothing.:p
  13. You're clean. Don't worry about it. For the job I have right now, I had to take a drug test. I smoked 2 grams three days before the test and didn't do anything special exept drink a little extera water (like 4 small glasses a day) and I passed fine.

  14. Goddamn, they should just make a whole new section for these threads...

    edit: Moderators take time to make stickies for a reason:

  15. lebowski, i agree. but as ive read on these forums about passing a drug test is that you should: eat sugar doughnuts and drink water. or just drink water.
  16. I wanna blaze today, but if I get a surprise dt, will I fail? I will drink a shitload of water, and take ecconacia pills.

  17. DUDE, read this whole thread please:

    And seriously WHAT DO YOU THINK, obviously if you get suprise DT's dont smoke, just take a minute and use your brain instead of asking others to use their brains for you.
  18. well if uget tested liekwhil eur high then u the thc migh tnot have gotten to ur urinarytract yet so its apossiblitly but just dont smoke duh its the smart thign to do

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