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been smoking kron for awhile....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by emens1222, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. feel like going back to mids...kron isnt really giving me the high that i get when i smoke mids...i get so much high from mids..anyone else get this???
  2. No. Troll is fail.
  3. :poke:
  4. :confused: :confused_2::bolt:
  5. yea man I traded all my chron for schwag after I read this thread.....not!
  6. no but seriously you sound intelligent
  7. does not make sense.
  8. i read on here that if you only smoke the same level of weed over and over that the effects from it are not as noticable, but when you change to a different level such as mids it makes you react differently.

    im not sure how true this is because i read it on this forum.
  9. i switch between both all the time.sometimes i feel like smoking alot-mids.and sometimes i feel like getting destroyed-dank
  10. I have mids that get you couchlocked like Northern Lights right but it's not as tasty and I end up getting higher on them than buds like Piff or Arizona Popcorn

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