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Been smoking a little while now; hoping to improve my experience.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Froop, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. This is my first post on grasscity, so let's hope I don't make too big a fool of myself.

    I've been smoking for about a year now. I started uni last september and it was my first real exposure to pot. Since then, I've picked up a glass pipe and a small bong (and lots of weed) and I smoke 3 times a day right now (I'm unemployed and out of school atm though, so that number will drop in September to 3 times a week maybe). Over time, I've come to really enjoy the physical act of smoking a pipe. I want to be able to extend the length of my sessions and improve the high I get without smoking more (or more expensive) weed. I've got decent stuff. Nothing special, but not for the week of heart either.

    Most of my bowls last 10-15 minutes.

    My pipe has a pretty wide hole, so it smokes hot and fast, which wastes a lot of weed and makes it hard to smoke. I used to put a bit of bong mesh in it, but it gets covered in resin way, way too fast. A small pebble has been suggested by the guy at my headshop, but I wanna know what grasscity thinks (and by the time I think to grab a pebble, I've already packed a bowl, and probably smoked it).

    Anyway, here's how I pack my bowl: I break up some bud (I hand-bust right now, but I'm gonna pick up a grinder next time I'm near my headshop) into 10-15 bits, and put that in my bowl. Big pieces don't cherry well, but they burn long, which is nice. Once I get a buster, I'll probably pack chaff on top of 3-4 hand-busted nugs (to cover the hole and make up a 'bedding' so I don't suck down the chaff) and put some keef on top, but that's for the future :p. I tamp it down a bit with a pen, but not too tight and definitely not loose. Probably tighter than most smokers would enjoy; I like to have a bit of drag (but not too much).

    This way, I don't waste burning a hot cherry when I can't inhale it anyway, due to recovering from the last pull (when I say this bowl pulls hot, I mean it pulls HOT).

    Can anyone give me some tips, to make my bowl burn slower and cooler, without mixing in tobacco or adding more weed? I use my water pipe when I want to get ripped; getting high isn't the issue. I just really enjoy smoking a pipe, and want to smoke a single bowl as long and satisfyingly as possible.
  2. use some stems to cover the hole .
    I usually make an X over the hole and pack up the bowl .

    works well . good use for stems
  3. Hmm, I do have a pile of stems that I haven't decided what to do with. I kind of wanted to keep them just to see how much of my own weed I've smoked, but this is far more functional.
  4. i made a screen that looks like a glass screen out of a paper clip, works great and only takes like 5 mins to make one, they last a while before they get too caked in resin

  5. Oh yeah I'm sure burning paper clips is a great idea...
  6. take smaller hits and cover the bowl with a quarter between hits so the cherry doesn't keep going.

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