Been smoking 15 years, why now?

Discussion in 'General' started by AstroDank, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. So I've been smoking several times a day, everyday for 15 years and I've encountered a problem.

    Now all of a sudden i get vertigo when I smoke I don't know if its associated with long time use or low oxygen levels.

    Any other experienced smokers get this? Might see my doc but wtf. Its fucked I gotta sit down soon as I get up sometimes to avoid blacking out.

    Any ideas?
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  2. Im not a Quack but for me it's Low Blood Pressure causing dizzy spell's. Stand up to quickly and gotta bend down or sit again. Been a few time's where i tryed to keep moveing but blacked out and kissed the floor. Happens more in Summer.."-)
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  3. Haha I blazed a cone one day stood up and went straight into the ground face first that's why I'm asking around I was worried.

    But if its common then ohwell.
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  4. i have high blood pressure and take BP tabs for it ,,but ive found some strains of cannabis lower my BP a bit to much a times and makes me unsteady and dizzy when i stand up now i am careful when i stand up or get out of bed after a toke or three ,,But if you are worried you could ask your Dr but he'd probably say dont smoke cannabis ,mac,,
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  5. Vertigo is generally a feeling of falling, or a sense that you feel like your moving
  6. [​IMG]
    Not vertigo but dizziness Vertigo - Wikipedia

    more 02 please

    good luck
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  7. Happens to me when I stand up fast if ya not quick to sit down then ya just black out for a second or two not nice but I've had it happen for years so I've mastered what to do lol... I actually tried a few times just standing there when the dizzy rush happens my legs just go from under me crazy shit like..

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  8. Thanks for the replies.
  9. I would get some of this stuff called debrox and flush your ears out you could have wax causing you to have vertigo. It happens to me the vertigo never got bad enough to wear anything like this has happened but it's worth a shot

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  10. Perfectly possible that's it's mostly unrelated to smoking....if it's happening that often I would probably visit a doctor if that's within reason.
  11. Oh ya, i have to sit right back down if i get up to fast and im baked, it happens. Still though. SEE A FUGGIN DOCTOR.
  12. It can be a bunch of things including the following:
    -Low tolerance
    -Blood sugar
    -Empty Stomach
    -Iron Levels
  13. Might be a heavy indica. I get the spins when I smoke a bunch and drink.

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