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Been seeing a large amount of Lowryders hit the Medical Scene

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NorCalPiff, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. This kind of upsets me, I can tell right off the bat by the smell because the first time I grew it was Lowryders. I will remember the smell of them forever, every Lowryder strain has the same type of smell. In NorCal, there has been a big amount that has hit the scene as of lately.
  2. i've actually been curious when it was going to come on the scene down here. but since ive learned about them online ive never actually seen a bud or smoked one.
  3. i would hope lowryder would get you high... i have been getting seedy chronic lately. Some Buku x Blue Widow that was straight dank i had was so hermied... still really good though. Just picked up some Purple Urkel... nothing better than smoking evening indicas right before going out to dinner. I shall feast. :smoke:

  4. Lowryder strains are no where near as potent as regular strains in every way, from the smell, taste and high. I meen I get medicated, I'm just saying, it takes 65-70 days to harvest, and has a funky smell to it. Better off just growing regular strains, Lowryders are just an easy way for vendors/dispensaries to make money because they harvest so many times a year if there growing enough of them.
  5. so is lowryders just like... a broad type of strain? Ive never had it i guess... ive had high mids which can probably compare. My friend used to sell bunk shit all the time for 25/half eighth, 50/eighth... he's getting much better dank now... but i dont buy from him. :cool:
  6. Well .. there's lowryders and then there's strains with ruderalis in them.

    Lowryder has ruderalis in its genes .. That's the source of the autoflower effect.

    We've seen a lot of autoflower strains here in Michigan. I had hoped that it would be a good source of CBD. Availability of testing has now shown that not to be the case.

    One interesting item is a strain that I tried that tested to have nearly more THCV than THC.

    THCV modifies the effect of THC. Causes it to be more spikey. It shifts it toward faster acting and shorter duration. Faster harder high.

    Hint .. don't feed little old ladies large quantities of concentrated THCV. They don't seem to like tripping.

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