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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stuckinabong, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I have some plants planted out in some woods. I also have some planters out in the backyard that have some seeds in them that I'm trying to use to get a head start and have bigger baby plants to transplant out into the woods.

    So far I have made so many mistakes... it feels like I'm never going to get some legit plants going by summer time! :mad:

    So the plants in the woods... there are 6 of them that have sprouted that I found. Tip: never get stoned, go into the woods alone, and tromp around finding new spots to grow. I only found like 2 of the 10 spots I planted at. But anyways I didn't expect all of the seeds to work so I planted 2 seeds in each hole in some spots. Now I have a couple of plants that have twins because BOTH of the seeds in the hole worked and grew 2 separate little plants. What should I do about this? Just let them grow how they are? I bet it'll really stunt the growth is my main concern.

    As for the planters... The first time I tried them I wasted about 15 seeds by not taking the bottom off of the planters. AKA the water couldn't flow out of the holes at the bottom. I got one little 2 circle leaved plant that wouldnt grow any bigger and none of the other seeds worked for about 2.5 weeks. I figured out the problem and removed the bottom of the planters and replanted some seeds in the same soil a few days ago. Last night I wasn't at home to take the planters in and we got literally like 5-6 inches of rain, lol. I dumped the rain water out before it even stopped raining this morning and put them under the porch to protect them. Do yall think this will kill my yet to be sprouted seeds in there?

    Also when transplanting baby plants around 6 inches tall or so, how much dirt should I dig up around them as to not kill the roots? I have a couple of random plants I found in my yard where I always dump seeds unfit for saving lol, and I'd like to move them to the woods for the rest of the summer.

    Is 2 ounces per plant expecting too much? I'm going to have at least one day out of each week where I can get away and go check my plants, work on them, etc. I dont plan on using a bunch of fertilizer or store bought soil.. just the soil in the ground which is still good soil. I saw that my neighbor has a huge garden that hes been working on the soil in lately. Should I just sneak over and snag about 25 gallons of that some night? lol. I'm asking about the yield just because I want a certain yield and I'm trying to calculate how many plants I'll need to plant to achieve that... ballpark estimates anyways.

    Thanks guys I know it's a lot of crap to read up there ^
  2. 1. If the plants are in the ground, don't dif them up, you will hurt the plant.
    2. You're going to have males and female plants. The males will have to be removed.
    3. Tresspassing can get you shot in some states.
    4. I would expect more than 2 ounses per plant.

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