Been overweight since 5th grade, obese since high school. Any tips?

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  1. Not exactly sure what happened, I mean I know how it happened I just don't know how I didn't notice it escalate and why I didn't stop it. I'm afraid I'll always be obese and end up dying from it. I've been trying to lose weight on and off for 2 years and I feel like a failure, I realized I just keep giving up once I fall off the wagon again. I think I'm addicted to eating and a little while after I'm on my 'lifestyle change' (I don't want to call it a diet anymore) I binge eat, and after that happens I give in for awhile until I get motivated again.

    If you've been in a similar situation before how did you overcome it, and do you have any useful tips?

    Also this thread feels a little too serious I'm wondering if I should just delete all of this, let me know... :(
  2. Skip breakfast, forever. Seriously.

  3. do not skip breakfast.
    eat the right stuff for breakfast and in the right portions.

    skipping breakfast doesn't do anything to help lose weight. you need to have fast metabolism to process your food. skipping meals slows down your metabolism.

    even if you reduce the amount of calories and carbs you eat by skipping breakfast, you then have to be a lot more careful not to overeat later in the day. so all in all it doesn't make any sense to be skipping meals.
  4. ^ Oh right I forget I need to eat 6x a day in small portions or my metabolism will slow down. :rolleyes:

    OP look into intermittent fasting, you'll be happy you did.
  5. Join a gym..get a good diet.
  6. Count calories. There are apps for a smart phone and websites on the net. You can go old school and use pen and paper.

    The only way to lose weight is to expend more calories than ingested daily. Exercise only increases the calories spent. You can lose weight with the right diet.
  7. I lost 10 stone from just watching what I ate. Didn't have to exercise or anything, just try and find a good diet to start with. But like others have said, join a gym or something.. Wish I had in the first place, cos even though I'm thin I still got a bit of a pot belly going on because I never did exercise :/
  8. you don't need to eat 6 meals, but that is actually ideal for a variety a reasons... but you seem to know that all already.

    intermittent fasting is fine, but do you really want to do that all your life?
    why not enjoy healthy food in normal amounts at normal times?

    diets fail all the time, lifestyle changes seem to stick.
  9. Nothing is ideal about eating 6x a day, it's a serious pain in the ass. If it works for you thats cool, but it's far from ideal for most people.

    Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle change, it's def not a diet. And yes I will be doing this for the majority of my life.

    And back to the OP, yes as thegodson said it's really all about calories. is a decent online calculator to use, there are many others. Find your baseline, log your foods and adjust accordingly. If you want to throw some exercise in awesome, you'll see even faster results.
  10. well im on track for losing weight also and all i can say is: join a gym, mix up your cardio, eat better, and workout so that you can do another physical activity(or at least have purpose for working out) like for me im going to start doing kickboxing and jiu jitsu when i get down to 210, 260 right now :(. but ill get there and so will you.
  11. Don't drink soda.
    Don't eat salt loaded foods like chips.
    Try to avoid HFCS.

    I did these things and lost 20 lbs without eating less food.
  12. i don't think there is such a thing as ideal.
    to me fasting even short-term, is much more of pain in the ass.
    having a meal is really not complicated, if you come up with a plan. if you really can't eat 6 meals... eat 3, but well thought out ones.

    going through yo-yo of caloric spikes is not something you should be doing for the rest of your life. especially if you need energy to exercise.
  13. Eat healthier than you eating right now and go for longer distance runs. The most effective running to burn fat is running for a solid 30 min 1 hour. Doesn't matter if your running really slow as long as you can keep a constant pace.
  14. that sucks man i never had to really lose weight so i dont know how much i can help but my advice just stick with working out for 45 min to a hour a day dont totally deprive yourself of the food you like treat yourself once a week or so just dont go overboard

    or try the insanity workout that shit will kick anybodys ass into shape
  15. get stoned and go for a walk. dont take money so you cant buy food (maybe just enough for water).

    dont drink anything but water and green tea (brewed at home not in a bottle/jug).

    when you get high and go to eat ask yourself if you're actually hungry or if its the munchies. also distract yourself so you dont think about food.

    eat less and less often. if you really want to lose weight you have to hate the idea of eating so much. a easy way to do this is to use a smaller plate. less room = less food.

    the reason junk food is so attractive is the fact that it takes next to no prep. fat free yogurt is a simple snack and its pretty filling, plus they come in small cups so you cant just keep going like you can with a bag of chips. fruit is also a great choice, and has quickly become my favorite munchie food. most are juicy which is great for cotton mouth and they're sweet which is always awesome. salads (dark greens) with sweet dressing (raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette for example) and raisins or other fruits is easier to prepare than a bowl of ice cream and far healthier.

    this is pretty much the only things ive changed and i dropped 20lbs in a month. ive been fat since about 5th grade too and im 20 now and i cant remember the last time i weighed 240lbs. 20lbs doesnt sound like much but it sure does feel like a lot... i can actually jump now, and i went to the junk yard today and was climbing over shit rather than walking around (anti anxiety meds probably played a roll in that too) but i didnt even break a sweat when i used to sweat just chilling on the computer... weight loss and living healthy is addicting once you see results.

    good luck blade, i know how hard it is to start but trust me its worth it. when you step on the scale and you see a number you havent seen in a long time its a pretty damn good feeling.
  16. I was in the same situation as you. Overweight since about 3rd grade and I was 5'10 269 my junior year of highschool. Around February of my senior year I made the conscious decision to watch what I eat and work out. 8 months later I weighed 180 pounds, which is where I fluctuate around still today. The best thing that ever happened to me was my parents got me a personal trainer. I worked with her for 30 minutes a week for 15 weeks. The absolute BEST help she gave me was my personalized meal plan. Also, her motivation was amazing.

    After the 15 weeks with her was up, I was able to adapt the meal plan from being super strict to fit my WANTS as well as NEEDS. It's an active lifestyle change that you need to be committed to. Trust me, the hard part is keeping the weight off but it's just a mental toughness thing. Make the decision and stick to it; that's what I did. Eventually it is truly a lifestyle change. I have absolutely no desire anymore to eat fast foods, foods with HFCS, or foods that are just pure carbs. I have simply no desire to do that to myself again and it's like a flip switched in my brain. I have absolutely no problem turning down unhealthy foods offered to me, etc. It will happen if you stick with it.
  17. THANK YOU EVERYONE. I didn't think I was gonna get this many replies, all very helpful. I think ill try getting a personal trainer in the future
  18. oh and get yourself a manual labor job (not only do they keep you active they are far less boring than retail and usually pay more). im going to the recycling center in the next few days to apply.
  19. Op I've been there and I have some serious advice that you need to understand. Being skinny won't bring you happiness. You have to find that within yourself no matter what. Everyone has issues and things they want to change about them so stop feeling like your singled out. This is what is causing you to overeat, feeling like foods all you have.

    As far as losing weight goes, do it for the right reasons. Being healthy is a great thing as you not only feel better physically you will feel better mentally. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST!! It is the most important meal of the day. Drink plenty of water and avoid sodas. Try not to eat out as much (notice how I said "as much" as you will set yourself up for failure if you think your gonna just quit all unhealthy food cold turkey) buy food you can make before hand for your lunches. Include more veggies and fruits in your diet. Fruits are great snacks when your high lol. Register at myfitnesspal and log all of your food to figure out what your caloric goal should be daily. If you overeat that's fine at first, just workout to make up the difference. Start slowly maybe three days a week at the gym or hell even a fast paced walk for an hour.

    I really hope you consider my advice as I went out of my way to write this up while I am at work since I understand. Good luck and don't let your weight stop you from living your life!!!!! Please!!!

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