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Been On T-Break...when Should I Start Back Up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by l0lclerica, May 21, 2013.

  1. #1 l0lclerica, May 21, 2013
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    So here's the deal.
    The search for an internship started in February.  My toking stopped as a result.  I landed a great internship, one that pays a dope salary on top of paying for an apartment (furniture, electricity, pretty much everything included).  Today was day one.  I've had no drug tests.  It's been a long three months watching my roomies back at university toke up all the time, and I'm way overdue.  Still worried about the possibility of a drug test, though.  The company is a "Drug Free Workplace" in VA.  I did sign something along the way that said I'd agree to a test.  But...will I really have one at this point?  They've paid for my apartment already.  Worst case is that I'd wait a month or so...but I'm really not trying to wait any longer.
    Whatcha guys think?
    A quick edit:  My rationale behind waiting a month or so is that they wouldn't random DT me after that point, if they were going to at all...

  2. Dont risk it if you care about the job...They still might do a drug test at some point...atleast wait a little longer...but most likely you will end up blazin and be fine  :hippie:
  3. I am an idiot that would blaze everyday, fail the test and lose my job so dont take my advice.
  4. It's probably one of those incident policies. Where they will only test you if an incident happens. If you've already gotten a physical and/or background check completed than i'd say you are ok, since a lot of places don't like to hire people and then test them so that they can fire you right away if you fail. Those tests are pretty expensive so if you were going to get tested it probably woulda been before.
    I'd smoke if I were you but i'm not you so it's your call
  5. Most people get tested right when they get the job, so you're probably safe for the most part. Still though, there is always a possibility you can be tested again, so take that as you will. Maybe keep it as an occasional indulgence until you're comfortable enough to smoke more

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