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Been on a break

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justanotherdude122, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. So I only smoke every other month just so I can save up one month and put fun money aside for the next month ahead to really enjoy myself and relax. I just got this job cooking and in a 6 hour period I get at least 5000 steps in and for at least 4 hours im just standing infront of a 350 degree flat top right by fryers and a oven thats baking bread so I sweat and my body temperature doesnt drop back down to comfortable levels until I drive home and sit down for 20 minutes without clothes on. I always make sure to get a half gallon in before work because i actually need it and drink plenty of water and some gatorade so i dont dry up lol. What im wondering is when i smoke now compared to before this job I feel way higher with less and I wonder if its due to all the sweating. Im not a toothpick, 197 at 6'2 but im also not muscular so right in the middle with a good metabolism, young healthy guy and dont eat shitty at all. Im tired at the end of my shift ofcourse but not worn out like i just ran a half marathon. So anybody with patience to read all of that and knows a thing or two about how the body works it would be cool to get some input or ideas.
  2. When you go on a tolerance break, or don't indulge often, cannabinols will have more impact on you than the frequent user no matter what your lifestyle is.

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