Been high while sick??

Discussion in 'General' started by RazorXIII, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I think I just caught an early cold, and it feels like its affecting my high in a bad way. I just feel cold and tired and my nose is warm....
    But yeah idk, what do you guys think?
  2. i smoke weed when i'm sick

    helps me eat and feel better

    doesn't help the cough though

    that's for sure
  3. Weed makes me feel sooo much better when Im sick..unless I have a really bad sore throat
  4. Yea I always find weed makes me feel way better, even with a cough, it dilates the bronchial tubes and acts as an expectorant.
  5. Getting sick has never stopped me from getting high, unless Im very ill and feel like absolute shit il prolly blaze

  6. me too! marijuana has always been the best cold medicine for me.

    now that im on a blaze break i better not get sick, ill be done for.
  7. when i get really sick it ussualy makes me not want to smoke. but if its just a small cold ill smoke away.

  8. for sure

    and for some reason i don't feind for stoges when i'm sick

    and i'm a daily stoge smoker


  9. i kinda do. i try not to smoke if my throat is sore and i have a lot of flem. but i get so fed up and irritable that at some point i just smoke anyway. pot helps though!
  10. Pot basically cures anything... I always smoke when I'm sick.. It definitely makes me feel better but definitely doesn't help my coughing.... Neither does smoking cigs tho so...

    One of my friends Jonas broke his arm and he smoked weed... It didn't ya know, fix his broken arm.. It just made him feel better... Still has a creak in it though... :smoking:
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    Aww, this post makes you look asinine. :smoking:

    Pot kinda fucks with your immune system, I wouldn't recommend smoking til you're better man.

    I've noticed that during the cold months, heavy smoking for several weeks I always end up getting sick.

    I know I've tried toking before while sick, and it DOES help with nausea, but I'd wait til you're over the main shit before tokin' bro.
  12. i puff no matter what...always need my vitamin thc
  13. Don't do it. I got bronchitis from smoking while sick, been sick for like a month and a half with it. Kept on smoking until about a week ago and its starting to go away. Just be careful.
  14. It depends on my type of sickness. I don't smoke if my throat hurts or whatnot, or if I've got a super bad cough etc.

    I do smoke if my stomach hurts, I need to eat or if I have a headache/muscle ache though.
  15. this guy speaks the troof. ( yes, troof )

    I just don't like smoking when i'm sick. Makes me feel all weird and shit. I'd rather just wait it out.

    To each his own :)
  16. It was sort of a joke... But shit... When I'm sick I always toke a bowl and it makes me feel better :smoke: BOOYA

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