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Been high for a week from one toke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pbuilder, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Smoked last saturday night, only my second time and I got so high I had to close my eyes and just sleep while chilling at my buddies house. When I closed my eyes, and had my head resting in my lap I seriously felt like my whole body was trying to rise of the ground like their was a counter-gravity trying to pull me upwards and my trains of thought were running wild, trippy as sh*t I was thinking about. Anyways, even today I still feel kinda high and it's been a week, not back to my usual self.

    Am I doomed to be forever high?
  2. damn i want whatever your smoking
  3. Sometimes I feel that like I get high, eat, get not high, and then walk somewhere and I'm Like fuck I'm high, wait hahhaah I'm not
  4. its all in your head, broseph.
  5. Sounds like you were pretty baked haha, I remember my first few times. What did you smoke out of and how much?
  6. This is some serious spiritual stuff going on here... maybe your aura's been opened or some shit.
  7. I mean, I´ve heard of people who enter psychosis from doing amphetamine, and where they´re trapped in a trip, and can "see soundwaves" and other bs. But I´ve only heard of people who go into psychosis from weed, but they only get super depressed and stuff.

    Maybe it´s all in your head?

    - Serenity
  8. You're going to be high for the rest of your life. Good luck you pot addict!
  9. Your not high your probably just having anxiety and symtpoms of dissociation. ITs like an out of body/high feeling. Its just not a very good feeling and is often caused only by personal anxiety.
  10. that's opium kush
  11. There would be thousands more of people in the OP if weed was legal. Oh god.
  12. Well, I guess I wasn't completely honest with you guys. I didn't know until after, but apparently my friend made my the bong bowl a "speed ball" as well by sprinking other substances on top of the dank. I thought it was just really crystally or something cause it was headies and thought nothing of it. I seriously hope I am not addicted from one toke of something like that and that's why I feel weird, because that would suck man. I just don't got the money to ski.
  13. Placebo its all in your head, you can convince yourself of anything if you really want to.
  14. I haven't read anything but the headline and this is piss funny already!

    Sorry if serious op. Nah I'm jealous
  15. Not possible, cool story tho
  16. #18 KUSH484, Nov 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 20, 2011
    Damn dude , Speed ball? He probably laced it with coke dude, but yeah Ive felt like that once when i was on unmentionables. Wears off in about a week.
  17. hahahahaha op is 14
  18. it's called a placebo effect, either that or you're at 12 year old troll.

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