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Been high at a funeral?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazedmymindbro, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. My friend way back from middleschool just lost his mother last week. Funeral is tomorrow and I was thinking about getting high before because I want to experience it. Dont take me as an asshole I'm not one of those pricks who would giggle at such tragedies.

    Just wanna hear some stories. I'm sortof high now so I am rambling
  2. I say go sober out of respect.
  3. go for it man.... i went to a rememberance thing the day before the funerlal baked :D nothing wrong with it
  4. It will sober you up quick...Especially when people start talking to you, death is sobering in that way though.:cool:
  5. If you get high and can go out in public and hold your shit, sure.

    If not, then dont.

    A funeral is a funeral, regardless of your level of inebriation, just be respectful and offer your condolences (that might be spelled wrong).
  6. Dude your buddy would never talk to u again if he found out, + I'd give you a good asswhooping if you did that to me.
  7. Dude being high at a funeral would just be a buzzkill for me
  8. No, it really does sober you right the fuck up...I've been to two high as all fuck.:cool:
  9. Yeah, that would suck. When im stoned i think too much as it is nevermind thinking about the end of a life and all the stuff that comes along with a funeral.

    But i agree with hyffe_beats, go straight out of respect.
    Take care of your buddy.
  10. Sorry man but that's just disrespectful. It's a funeral. Even if "it's just for the experience" that is disrespectful to your friend.

  11. Ive never tried it, the only funerals ive ever been to are close friends/immediate family and I know pretty much everyone there... I really havent even considered it.

    I can totally see how it would be sobering though.

    Plus im definately more prone to drinking after the loss of a loved one.

  12. Depends on the friend, both of the friends funerals I went to high requested that we blaze before we arrived at their funerals (live fast, go hard, die young, we all pretty much expect it from my group of friends) one was killed in a car accident, the other shot himself.:cool:

  13. Yes but it is the mother of his friend. He lost his parent and most likely will be mourning.
  14. It doesn't matter though, as soon as he arrives it won't matter if he hit bong snaps after bong snaps...He will sober up immediately, literally seconds after stepping foot in the cemetary. It is really different, an experience unlike much else, anything that can sober you up on the spot is heavy like that.:cool:
  15. Dude if I died I'd want my family smoking at the funeral. I can't go through life thinking about death, it just makes you sad. It's still sad, but I think you should be happy and enjoy the life they gave to everyone around them. It's just their time.
  16. #16 Blazedmymindbro, Jul 25, 2011
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    My friend stays home all day and does hookah tokes and drink a lot of four locos. Indoubt he will find out and if he does, care about it
  17. I say go for it, hell of an experience...And you will know exactly what I mean when you sober the fuck up in 30 seconds or less.:cool:
  18. Not worth it. The only thing you can think about at a funeral is that some day you will die. Which sucks to think about. Smoke your friend down afterwards instead
  19. #19 Blazedmymindbro, Jul 25, 2011
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    -high as he'll
    -foot touches ground of cemetery
  20. Like I said...It's different.:cool:

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