been getting fucked up the entire day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tetrahydra, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. smoked a bowl in the morning, smoked 2 bowls of mids with vicodin powder on top with friend, took half a vicodin pill, smoked a fat bong bowl of mids with friend, took a flexiril, and just smoked a fat bowl of chronic to the dome. good day :)
  2. I like smoking tylenol too....

  3. I bet it is....but talking about other drugs isn't allowed here at the city. Be careful poppin that shit though, last thing anybody needs is an overdose.
  4. What is half a vicodin going to do? Unless it's a 15mg, I can't see that doing anything at all. I've never felt a dose under 20mg, so even if your natural tolerance were lower, you still wouldn't feel much.

  5. dude, i never do painkillers so the rare times that i actually do i get really fucked up.

  6. :laughing:

    allow me to do the honors

  7. zomg you must have been headache free all day
  8. never got into the whole pill scene, but sounds like you had a good day sir :p
  9. What, do you want us all to thin you're cool now?
  10. ɥɐɹq 'ʎɹoʇs ןooɔ
  11. That's like the coolest shit I've seen in a few months now.


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