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Been Clean 3 months, took a few tokes friday..how long till I can piss clean again...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by moderndayhippy, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Took a few puffs on the pipe friday....how long till I piss clean, been clean over 3 months before friday....
  2. I'd say give it a week, and then take a home drug test. It depends on your height, weight, how much you exercise, how fast your metabolism is.... But if you're pretty normal or even athletic you'll be fine.
  3. well I got an interview today....I wasnt much in the pipe, just some dust basicallt...although it got my high as hell off the 2 -3 hits....what If I just load up with water?
  4. i knew i shouldnt have smoked that shit...been clean this long....damn....
  5. you'll be cool, i'd exercise(a shit load) and drink water(a shitload) and you'll be good in a few days(today?)
  6. wish me luck....here goes nothin.... Ill post back
  7. Been clean? Makes it sound like you are some junkie out of rehab or some shit like that. This is herb not chemicals man.
    Not mad at you, I just hate it that it sounds like you were addicted or something lol
  8. Good luck.
  9. Yah, seriously. Your post belongs here: Addictions Forum - Uncommon Knowledge
  10. As mentioned it depends heavily on body type and metabolism.

    To my understanding pot has a comunlative effect in the body. THC and many of its metabolites are initially stored in fat cells. They are then slowly broken down through the body and released into the blood, sweat, stool.

    This would lead me to think that if one smoked EVERYDAY ALL DAY, it could in thoery take months and months to piss clean. However, if one were clean for sufficent time to purge the system of THC, a few hits should not stay in the body (through common drug test detectable methods) more then 3 or 4 days.

    Hope that makes sense and I didnt mix it up. Im kinda drunk and blazed :wave:
  11. Is your name Rod? If your name is Rod I am Andrew the buddy you smoked with haha.
  12. :D Nope... I gotta Rod though....lol...greetings from the center of the state....:hello:
  13. If you've been clean 3 months and then you took a few puffs a few days ago, you should be fine, but if it were me, I'd drink lotsa water and exercise in the days leading up to the drug test just to be ultra safe. Looks like you may have already taken your test though....hopefully it went well
  14. I think you might be fine if its been three months and you only took a hit or two last friday, but im not sure.

    Clean as in out of his system...not like he's a more pure, cleaner person or something.
  15. If you smoke very rarely, the THC should only be in your body for three or four days. You should be good by now, unless you are overweight or something.
  16. no, thought I was gonna get it today, but they said they would call me back after my second interview today....so I may have a few more days to kill....SO I bought some Niacin, took some green tea pills and have been drinkin a shit load of water.....Gonna get a home piss test in the am and see how it goes from there....thanks for the help.... and no fuckers Im not in rehab or have ever been to rehab....damn reefer heads.....lol
  17. If you've got an average build and don't have a lot of fat on you, you will be fine. THC is stored in fat, so for people with normal bodyfat levels that have normal metabolisms it gets out of their system faster. A one time smoke when you had no previous THC in your system should clean out in 3-4 days tops like stated before. I wouldn't even bother with the niacin/green tea, especially if you have a few more days, just keep active and keep your metabolism up and you'll be good.
  18. took a home test tonight.....good to go....I am kinda over weight....lol

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