Been busted?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kimborasta, Apr 29, 2004.


Have you ever been busted?

  1. Nope! :)

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  2. Well... almost.

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  3. Yes - unofficial warning

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  4. Yes - official warning

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  5. Yes - official warning & fine

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  6. Yes - jail (under a year)

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  1. i was just wondering if i was the only person.
    In the part of UK where i live, iam the only person between my freinds who actually been given a warning... pretty lame but thats just the way it is.
  2. i got caught with a empty bag and a pen i was using as a mouthpeice that was coated in resin
    popos let me off with a warning
  3. *knocking on wood*

    Not yet. ;)
  4. i was with some very drunk friends one night and somebody called the cops on us for disturbing the peace and we just finished blazing some bowls when these 2 cops rolled up, they arrested some of my friends for underaged drinking. then they found a small bag and lets us off with just a warning

  5. Same here!

  6. ^^Same here...i'm joining the "never" club
  7. Yes; don't know what I'm getting yet. Sentencing is in July. Probably just a fine, though.
  8. Nope never

    *knocks on wood also*
  9. Yep got arrested ro whatever they call it for minors(I was 14) haha
  10. Nope! Afrer more than 40 years off & on smoking I've made it to 71 w/o getting busted for anything and I hope to end up (not too soon) with a perfect fucking record. Guess I'm just good at being sneaky. . . . and god damn lucky. My latest bit of luck is finding my favorite pocket knife still in the bottom of my carry-on bag when I came home from a flight. . . . after a very thorough inspection of me and the bag. Didn't intend to leave it there. . . .fucking senior moments!!
  11. never been busted, hope it stays that way!
    (looks around for something wood to knock on before giving up and going to smoke a bowl)
  12. almost got busted with my friend at my house cause i was hot boxin my car and my mom came out of the house and my car is parked right outside my house thank god for tinted windows
  13. a buddy of mine did, he is 17 and got caught at school, he doesnot have court yet, but he has been suspended for the rest of the school year. he'll have to take a drug class, miss all finals (take zeros!) and probable get a $100 fine. the suckiest part, they took his weed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. i got busted by my parents but not the cops

    i was lucky. i was gonna go and smoke and drink with some friends a few months ago but i couldnt because my dad came into town and he made me hang out with him for the weekend. cops ended up gettin called by some neighbors. one girl who wasnt that messed up told me one of my friends bac was .22 and when the cop was carrying him into the car he pissed himself and it got on the cops leg lol. they only ended up gettin a warning though somehow
  15. friend got caught sellin tree...... made up a story that he sold to me i was suspended from school for 5 days and thats where it ended...... that guy isnt my friend i almost got caught
  16. havent been busted by parents or cops
  17. went to get some weed from "the guy" one night.. his place was hot.. ended up with two cops closing in on us floored it out of there when they got stuck at a stop sign hid behind a shed at a home improvement store and took the back roads home =D they never got my tag # thanks to some swanky driving..took me 3 weeks to get rid of the jitters lol
  18. I have never been caught yet.
  19. I got caught offically once but got away with it..other time cop found a empy bag all he said was so you smoke a bit of the wacky stuff hey..i was like yeah a bit and that was the end of that...have had alot of close calls...thank the ganja god for stash pockets in my bag and in my jacket...a mate got busted the other day with 1.6g all he has to do is go to "drug diversion" its like a 2hour talk 1 0n 1 but they dont tell you to stop smoking they just tell you what ways are better for you and they just say do it in your own home lol i love australia

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