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Been almost a month since I last posted...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DopedUpFarmBoy, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. So it is most definitely time for an update :smoke:

    ...Well, I'm officially down to the last joint of my most recent 4ozs of ganja. Not sure what the strain was but I think it was a mainly indica hybrid. The stone was really heavy. When I smoked a small amount it gave me a mind-type stone and made me very giggly but when I smoked a bunch of the stuff it made me just not want to move (it freaked out almost everyone else that had some in large amounts). I bought it from a friend's brother of mine who I trust and he was right when he said I'd get hooked up. It was very potent, definitely not kiddy weed. My only problem with it was that it got me too high too quickly. I like to be able to smoke a whole lot of weed and only get just high enough so that I have a great day but not so high I can't function.
    ...Here's a tiny side story for you guys: Me and my baby were going to the carnival and were planning on eating these seriously potent firecrackers I made. On the drive to the place I eat five and when I get there I give my baby a bag and she eats three. After about two hours we are both seriously stoned. I'm so high I can't really understand anything anyone says and can barely manage to hand the token takers they tickets for each ride. My baby is really saying that much anyway but the next day she tells me that she thought a mad scientist had built the rides to torture people and make it look like we were having fun.
    ...Last night my best friend got high for the first time but sadly he didn't have a good experience. I gave him two firecrackers which contained enough weed for a packed bowl each. He waited till his dad went to sleep around 1:30 to eat them but he was really sleepy when this happened so he was high for about an hour before he went to bed. He woke up in the morning feeling horrible but he said he had fun for the first hour, though he probably wont be doing it again any time soon.
    ...I hadn't smoked weed for about four months before I bought this last batch so I thought some new glassware was in order. I bought this kickass sherlock bubbler and the best part is I only gave him the money I had in my pocket for it (which was only $24). Here's a pic:

    So, what's been going on with you guys? :D

    I forgot to tell you guys that my gf's mom finally knows about me and that I smoke weed. She said she smoked it and didn't like it but she didn't mind if I did it as long as her daughter wasn't involved. She also totally dug me. She asked what career path I was going down and where I saw me and my baby after college. Overall it was pretty cool.
  2. Nice, man :D Cool bub, and I'm glad to hear things are goin well. I couldn't imagine going on rides THAT fucked up...

    But as for me, I just started a 1 month (Possibly 2 month) tolerance break.

    By the time the T-breaks done I'm gonna have a new Lux mini and an ounce of some DANK!

    I can't wait! I haven't had a low tolerance since... hell I can't even remember. :hello:
  3. Haha. I hear that, man. This stuff kicked my ass after four months of not toking. Oh dang, I didn't even mention about my gf's mom. *goes to edit original post*
  4. Good to see ya posting again bro! :)
  5. sweet bubbler, even better price. Sounds like you lucked out with your girls mother...
  6. HAHA holy shit i have that same bub but mine is light blue

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