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Been about a day or so of not smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chills, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking real dank kind bud everyday for like the last 5 months. I've been sober for about a day and a half and it feels weird as heck. I am only trying to cut back. ?Maybe smoke once a week or so.. I know, that sounds really sad right?

    I'm only cutting back cuz of financial issues. When you spend 50 dollars every 3 days for weed you start to feel it in your pockets.
  2. You don't NEED to be high everyday. Also, 50$ EVERY 3 DAYS!!!! What's wrong with you dude.

  3. $500 a month sounds very excessive...definitely time to cut back
  4. I mean, its not excessive if you've got the time and money to smoke an eighth every 3 days. But invest in a vape, and a good grinder for getting lots of kief. Going from piece to vape will double the amount you get out of your weed (maybe even more). Also, try only smoking at night during the week (that'll cut down for sure). Sorry to hear though, ill be it was fun while it lasted :smoke:

  5. I know. I can't believe how much I've wasted on weed.

  6. damn, man, don't make me feel any worse about it. You're right. I mean, I've come to realize it isn't that fun when you are doing it everyday. It starts to get routine and it loses its magic a little bit.

    I think it will be a lot better when smoking like once a week or twice a week.
  7. Maybe get a MFLB? If you wanna smoke like once a week maybe you set up a routine like smoke a bowl after you wash your laundry every week or maybe only smoke on friday nights after the weeks done. Whatever works for you. How have you been smoking lately a pipe?
  8. yeah, most always bowls. I'm actually starting to feel really good about not smoking anymore. I don't hold any negative feelings towards the green and I don't plan on quitting forever, but it feels good.
  9. I know the feeling man. A few summers ago I smoked all day for about a week.
    If I was awake, I was stoned.

    When that week ended, the first day of being sober was almost like being high because I had gotten used to it.
  10. back on the wagon again and boy does it feel good. This is probably hte best weed I've ever had. If not that it's top 2.
  11. Just smoke one bowl per night. A gram is like 2-3 good bowls, each smoke sesh is around 3 bucks? You dont gotta get high all the time man.
  12. Smokin bud never gets old. Try to portion your weed. Like .5-.7 a day.
  13. You can't go from smoking a pipe for 5 months to a MFLB.
    Definitely not the same high, you probably wouldn't be satisfied :/
  14. Whats sad about cutting back? If you ask me being high every day for months on end is sad. Going a week or even a few days of being high all day and then being suddenly sober feels just as good as being high. Very refreshing.
  15. Mind over body.

    If you want to cut back, just do it. It's not heroin... you aren't getting withdrawal symptoms. But cutting bad habits can be tough, no matter what it is.

    In my opinion, it's all about self control and doing things in moderation.

    Best of luck.
  16. I did the same thing basically, I smoked a ton daily for 5-6 months or so and stopped because I wanted to stop spending. It's not so bad.
  17. I use to smoke a lot of weed but now that I smoke maybe once a week the quality of my high has improved as well as many other parts of my life.
    It'd do you some good to cut down/take a break.
  18. yeah, it isn't that bad. I'm kind of over it.

    The main reason weed is such a drug that I like is because I'm a very introspective person and I like to connect with a spiritual or altered state of mind.

    I used to do a little bit of meditation. I think going back to it will decrease a lot of my desire to smoke weed. It's weird but I honestly don't have any desire right now. I smoked that lemon weed that day I made my last post on here and haven't smoked much since then.

    And, I very much agree that the best way to enjoy weed is by not making it a habit.
  19. I enjoy my high a lot better when I only smoke like 1-2 times a week.

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