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  1. hi folks,
    have done it in the past but havnt worked the green finger magic for a while. as im getting into it big time i thought id give a little back to you guys at grasscity for helping me through some tough times in the past.....
    so here goes..

    im doing this grow from seed so dont know about male/females as yet but im still treating them like ladies (soft and gentle). the seeds were bought from a seedbank ive used before and know i can trust. theres nothing more painful than poor genetics, as the elephant man will tell you!!!

    my strain of choice this time is the WHITE RUSSIAN. looks good on paper but cant find any good reports on here anyone had any experiance????? planted 6 but had a fatality within the first few days off sprouting. so 5 it is..

    started the grow under flo lights for a week or so then switched to 400w hps. sorry ive no pics of the babies under the flo-s but ive attached one of them at the hps introduction stage..

    been really hot where i am lately so had a bit of trouble with temps but ive still got faith in my girls(hopefully girls). they were put in on the 29th of may...

    the second picture is them on the 8th of june and they seem to be rocking niceley as you can see.. anyone feel free to post comments as i would enjoy your inputs....

    ill update in a week or so when i decide to take my cuttings and should be one stage further to BUD!!

    keep safe kids


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  2. looking excellent , dont think you'll need a lot of input :)
  3. Oh yeah.
    looks real good. Were you under a different Grass City Screen name before or something? Welcome to GC nonetheless.
  4. no was allways a little shy;) taking cutting tomorow and then going on 12/12 when theve recovered...

    cant wait to see them hairs!!!!

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