Been a While

Discussion in 'General' started by tokereport, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. What's up guys? Been off of the forums for a while. I was stuck with gas station regs for a long time, but finally have a real quality person now.

    All his stuff is in from Cali, so it's more expensive. But some decent, decent herb. Closest thing to a true Medical Dispensary that I've seen. This last order was some Elvis, Pink and Blue Heaven.

    It took a long time and a lot of horrible Mexican schwag, but man I'm happy now. Cooking the rest of my regs as I type.
  2. Glad to hear you have found a quality connec. I have never smoked any schwag, lowest grade ive gone is high mids. I either get bulk/quality import straight from the 'Dam or my next door neighbours homegrown.

    Stay high anyways :smoke:

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