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Been a while you know?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shreeple, May 13, 2010.

  1. by been a while, it's been a year since I last smoked and then about 6 years before that. So I've lost all my connections, although I really never had them. I had friends who'd either make the deal for me or smoke me out. Or a boyfriend - usually had a boyfriend, lol.

    So I'm on my own. And a girl. I made a connection with someone, meeting for coffee tomorrow and doing business, but I'm totally nervous now.

    He seemed cool, told me his name, age, price and what he had access to. Was interested in helping me out blah blah. Then we set up the coffee time and he texts me...*so if you take care of me I'll give it to you for free.* I was like :eek:. He was like *just throwing it out there.*

    Texted him back, said *Ha, cute, but I'm too old for that game and never was that type of chick. I'll pay and buy him a coffee.* He texts back and says sounds good.

    Thoughts advice? Should I call it off? I can understand with him being young and that being one of the only things on his mind (sorry guys!)
  2. Although it sounds creepy, I can't blame him for trying. If he keeps bringing it up, I'd cut off any ties to him but you should still buy from him once if you want to smoke that badly.
  3. i say ou callit off and try and get it from someone else but its up to you :)
  4. go see what he has to say, if he sounds good and has good shit do business. But if you feel uncomfortable i wouldnt. All up to how you feel around him and if he really is a good dealer.
  5. Just see how this deal goes. But yea, gotta give him props for trying. :p
  6. I think you got yourself in over your head by just agreeing to get coffee with him. I suggest you make up some plans for later so you have an excuse to leave if he asks you to stay with him or match him.
  7. haha thats so funny
  8. Yeah, that's why I did the coffee thing. Public, feel him out you know? Instead of hopping in his car and shit.
  9. That was a good idea, keep the appointment and guage him.:cool::smoking:

  10. Yeah, great idea.

    Also gotta give the man props for trying, I don't think I'd ever have the balls to do that hahaha
  11. :) Yes well. How often do you ask for sex instead of money? Kind of sketchy don't you think?

    And fyi...I was all cool with a new guy until that.

  12. Maybe he just wanted you to look after his kids while he's going on a date? Maybe....

    But probably not.
  13. well worse comes worse, you get raped and he gives you free weed..haha just kidding, if he's got dank/good prices and doesnt keep pushing the sex shit then i'd keep him. I gotta give props to the dude for trying, you should have at least asked how much? haha
  14. LMAO! Dangit...should've gotten more details on that offer then. ;)
  15. Well I got stood up. :( NEXT!
  16. sorry to hear you got stood up... know exactly how you feel when it comes to making a good connection... if anyone is in north jersey / nyc hit me up....

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