Been a while...pic update on my ladies

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  1. so about a month ago i was given two OGs from a friend that had been vegging inside. i threw them outside and surprisingly didnt really shock them. a few yellowing leaves but pretty much all came back. they are the only two i didnt top, so theyre about a solid 5 ft now.
    the one in the back right flowered early for some reason. its been about 2 months.
    and the front three were planted from bagseed. topped them all and did some super cropping.
    also i was at work the other day and found a praying mantis while cleaning. i threw it in a cup and took it home(now all my coworkers think im weird). now it is guarding my girls :D

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    Roof top grow? Thats killer friend. Looking sweet.

    I see a slight claw foot in some of your leafs. I would guess border line over watering. Can I ask how much you water?

    A leaf that fold out and in like a claw is a good sign of over watering.
  3. Do thos vents blow on your plants? That would be killer...
  4. Thanks so much, really means a lot coming from you man, ive seen your garden on here....amazing.
    yes its a rooftop, im legal and live near dtwn LA where cops have better shit to deal with. helicopters see me up there EVERY single day watering and just hanging out and no problems(knock on wood).
    This is my first grow and have been having watering issues all season, im using smart pots so the drainage seems to be a little different. im watering just under a gallon a day for the most part. i bring up a 5 gallon jug and water 6 plants.
    The roots have come straight up to the top of the soil now so the whole pot is just one giant root system. i can barely stick my finger into it with out breaking apart roots so it makes it hard to judge.
    i do have a few claw foot leaves like you mentioned and didnt really think anything of it, ill try and cut back and see if it helps.
    and no, the vents are just something for the water to drain into.
  5. No I was asking if they blow air onto your plants?

    So no water runs out the bottom of the pot when you water?
  6. The idea of a rooftop grow is AWESOME! I wish I could do it.
  7. sorry, still not totally sure what youre asking. the plants are sitting on basically a gutter for the water to drain out the bottom of the pot.

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