Beeline, hemp?

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  1. Need help. Been seeing a lot of you post up pics and shit talking about lighting ur tree with "beelines" or what looks to be hemp twine or something. Was curious as to how it works, I have a million glass stores near me so I'm sure I can find either of those things. Anyone wanna explain how both of them work to me and if either is better?
  2. it's organic hemp twined and dipped in beeswax to allow for a pure, all natural way of lighting your "trees" or however you'd like to refer to it... Basically, you light the end of the twined awesomeness with a lighter, it stays lit, which in turn you use to light your bowl without inhaling any butane, which to my understanding is brutally harmful to humans, especially over the long-term ;) So, yea, O, and if you were wondering where to get any (your glass stores may or may not have them, go to here: Bee Line - Hemp Wick Books and Spools |
  3. Awesome, thanks a lot. Also, does anyone know what those glass things are that I see some people to light their bowls as well? I know I've seen closet smoker use em in some of his pics, curious if anyone knows the name of them? Looks like just a thin glass rod

  4. "Glo-rod", just a glass rod, you heat the end untill its red, and it gives off enough heat to light the herb with no gas or combustion- even purer than using beeline.

    I use a soldering iron with a ceramic heating element to the same effect (called a Hakko).
  5. I just bought some today and i love it, I wrapped a bunch of it around on the joint of my bong.
  6. i just got a spool of the thick beeline... seems like it's too thick to be wrapping around a lighter or pipe. Are most people using the standard twine??
  7. another plus to this is no cotton mouth ;) would definitely recommend it.

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