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  1. lol king really does think he knows everything doesnt he.
  2. This whole thread is shocking! well he aint much of a gangster if hes postin up on the net bout how hes gunna go bust some1. LESS OF THE LIP MORE OF THE ACTION!
  3. By the way my comment wasn\'t supposed to be negative or positive, I was just commentng on what I was reading.
  4. yea i didnt get a negative vibe from ur comment eyes :) unlike SOME PEOPLES POSTS! :rolleyes:
  5. King, KSR is a well respected member here and although you may not agree with what he\'s saying, you could\'ve been more respectful when commenting.

    I don\'t always agree with the way KSR handles himself but I would never come into a thread and bash someone I don\'t understand or agree with for the sake of doing so...
  6. its pretty stupid how people are so ignorant they really think like king. Who says that just cuz someones in a gang they shouldnt have a hobby or even some free time to do something they want to do. Just cuz im in a gang doesnt mean i have to be killing people or beating people senseless 24/7 i like to take breaks from gang life every once in a while like everyone else.
  7. My problem is that i keep forgetting how cool gang members are, sorry \"homies\"!
  8. I think you are a racist person, shit like this doesn\'t belong here.

    Again, you\'ve been warned you can say whatever you want but if you can\'t do it without
    insults then just forget it.

    I\'m closing this thread for now. Everyone take this time to smoke a bowl and chill:smoking:
  9. Thanks for closing the thread, GL!

    I banned the dude. Everyone needs to keep in mind that we don\'t tolerate that type of behavior here at the City!
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