Bee Line. Thick vs. Regular ??????

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  1. The title says it all... Which kind of bee line is better?
  2. I dont know if one is better or worse... But the thick seems to produce a larger flame and burns more slowly.


  3. Word, ive just never used hemp wick before so i wanted to make sure i wasn't disappointed with whichever one i chose
  4. There is NO POSSIBLE way to be disappointed, whichever you choose your going to notice a difference in smoking(from a lighter). You can taste the bud and not the flame.

  5. Thats what has prompted me to want some lol Everyone says it makes your bud taste better, plus i'm gonna be ordering a toro soon so i thought why not see what all this bee line fuss is about
  6. I assure you its worth the buy, you wont ever wanna go back to butane lol. I get sad when i run out :p

  7. Thick bee line is for bongs and bubblers, Regular is for dry's. thats what I believe.
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    oya put perfectly, mmmmmm hemp is the future!! :smoke::smoke::smoke: I just reuppd on alt 200ft spool thick. I dont know if regular is better, Ive always used thick, im guessing it burns slower than regular.

    Now that im thinking about it, it makes sense that its for bongs. Bigger bowls, more burning surface than regular.
  9. truth
  10. never used beeline.. been using i-tal for like 4 months now. really notice a change in flavor.
  11. dude, you have to try this stuff called the humboldt wickit tastes so much better. I've tried 6 different wicks from the internet and head shops and something about that humboldt one is so much tastier. I think butane makes me lose my sense of smell. My friend thinks it makes his immune system weak. Honestly, I just like the test better with a good hemp wick.

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