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Bee Line Hemp Wick

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by drewzilla, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Just wondering how many of you guys use this stuff? I recently started using it all the time, and decided to do a write up of it. Anyway, the review is below, anyone that uses it please chime in with your opinions

    Bee Line Organic hemp wick is a healthier alternative to butane fueled lighting. Bee Line it's a hemp & bees wax wick, wrapped around a recycled match book style cardboard. It has a spot to extinguish the flame and a notch to "hold" the wick in place so it doesn't come unraveled. When the wick is lit, it burns slow or fast depending on how you hold it, if you angle the wick above the flame, it burns quick, below and it slows down & will go out, at a perfect level it will hold the flame well. There is very very little ash produced from the wick, and typically it's not accumulated before taking a hit. The wick itself doesn't have a any real odor when burning.One of the biggest advantages to using a Bee Line to light your herb is the fact that it eliminates the use of butane. To avoid any butane contamination, I recommend lighting it with a handle. I keep a smokers candle in my favorite chill out spot so I always have something to light my wick with. The other great advantage is the taste! No, not so much of the wick, but the lack of butane taste in your bowl. Anyone who has used a Hakko rod or similar knows what i'm talking about, when you eliminate the butane taste (that many people don't notice, until it's gone!) the true flavor of your herb can shine. The only thing I dislike is that it tends to go quickly, a package will usually last me about a week or two, whereas a bic lighter would last me twice that, but hey, it's a lot better for you.


  2. Looks like a great product. Sadly I am stuck with a butane 90% of the time but I do love me a solar hit. Nothing better then a butane-free hit from a clean spoon full of dank herb.:hello:
  3. Great review drewzilla!
    About it going quickly, if you buy the box which contains 21 packets its only $22 plus ship or if you buys two or three boxes the price per box becomes $18.50 each. At $18.50 a box, thats 63 packets, and you'll never have to buy another lighter for at least a year or two
  4. Yeah, I use these a lot. They make my herb taste much better, and it's much healthier for you. They're pretty cheap too, a whole case for only 22 bucks or so.

    However, you don't need to light them with candles, you can use a butane lighter to light the beeline, it will still burn clean. I wrap mine around the lighter so I always have it on me.

  5. phew, nice to know i'm not the only one. i really thought i'd never need another lighting device after i got my hakko, but beeline took the number one spot right quick.

    oh and, rahrah sarcastic comment about how there's already a thread about this. i'm too drunk and ron white's on tv.
  6. bee line is the shit. you lightin up your blunts wit these drewzilla? have yet to try it, but it's probably way legit.
  7. yessir, about to fire up right now

  8. sick review! I just ordered a 3-pack haha. maybe I should've ordered more...

  9. If you order the box, 21 packets, it comes out to something like .75/packet which really is worth it! Plus a box will probably last you a year :D
  10. Just ordered a box of 21 for myself can't wait for them to come in :hello:
  11. Im so cheap I made my own!,Jk,but I did make my own all natural hemp wick because none of my shops carry them yet.I just didnt wanna order online and wait for something so simple.I use it all the time,its great.
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    I posted this up in another thread, but it sure fits here.

    The only thing ignited butane puts out is a bit of CO2 and H2O. The health hazards of ignited butane is really, really small.

    What I don't understand is that if one is really concerned about the relatively small negative effects of butane, why continue smoking, which has wayyyyy more negative effects with all the toxins in the smoke.

    It would seem logical then to turn to an non-butane powered vaporizer, than using Beeline with a smoking device, no? I mean, if one is that concerned about their health to turn to using Beeline, why continue to smoke?

    If, however, you are using Beeline because you are sensitive to the taste of combusted Butane, than that makes sense. It's just the health aspect that I take issue with.

    To me, using Beeline with a smoking device is akin to pissing in a real volcano to try to put out the flame or to use another analogy, it's like a really overweight person going into McDonalds, ordering 3 Macs and 2 large order of fries along with a diet coke.

  13. scam....
  14. He may have meant spam.
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    Hey, personally I don't give a shit what you do, but you are NOT offering free Bee Line out of the kindness of your heart. Your intent is to motivate sales, and doing that here IS spamming especially when no one asked where they could purchase it.

    Just call it what it is......an advertisement, nothing more. And unwanted or unrequested ads is...............SPAM, and you trying to say it's something else is an insult to our intelligence.

    So being that your sales pitch is so transparent, and being that you are denying that it is a sales pitch in the first place, I believe, has ruined your credibility, and it may be just time to move on, or..........being that you only have 3 posts and they're all about your sales pitch, maybe you want to stick around and become a productive member here BEFORE trying to pitch your wares (WAIT !! I'm not the goddam forum police. Do whatever the hell you want.)
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    LOL. This guy turned me off to Bee Line, so here goes. Bee Line typically sells for 2 bucks for 9 feet.

    You can go over to the VaporGenie site and order I-Tal Hemp Wick (http://www.italhempwick.com/) for 3 bucks for 15 feet which works out to be a bit cheaper per foot than Bee Line. Same stuff, and all shipping is free in the US.
  17. ya because the p and c are so close together on the keyboard.:rolleyes:

  18. Yeah, you're right. He meant scam. ;)

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