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Bedroom smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Settthhh, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. So I want to smoke tonight but the problem is, my room doesn't have any windows that open. I can make a sploof and spray axe and febreeze but im not sure if that is good enough.

    BTW my room is on a floor above everyone elses, it was the attack and when we moved in here he just converted it to a room.
  2. just wait till everyones asleep and go outside
  3. If you're positive nobody will come up than the fabreeze and sploof should be fine. The smell will definitely be gone by morning. If any chance someone will come up then just go outside.

  4. I usually go outside but my little sister is having her friends sleeping over and they sleep in the basement which is usually my exit place.

    Also, I am sure nobody will come up so if i smoke at like 1 or 2, it will be gone by 8am right?
  5. Google carbon sploof. Works like a charm if you're careful. Make it look like a trash item so your parents don't wonder what it is. Example: paper trumpet your (fill in blank) made for you on (etc).

    Febreeze and fabric softeners are obvious.
  6. I smoke in my room everyday with a smoke buddy. Never have anyone questioning it.
  7. just go outside for 10minutes dude. trust me it will be alot better than being paranoid the whole time hoping nobody smells it or anything.

    nvm i see you cant go outside.
  8. I thought you were attacking a room.

    Just to inform you, the place of storage above the top level of the house is correctly spelled *attic.

  9. You can:

    -Grab a sledgehammer and knock a hole in an upper corner of your wall to create a negative pressure zone to allow for air-flow and ventilation.

    -Install a bathroom ventilation fan on your ceiling to remove any odor/smoke

    -Say fuck it and smoke like a bad ass in bed.

    Results will vary depending on your motivation and lazyness/not-giving-a-fuckness
  10. You're in the attic. If no one comes in your room, a sploof and some air circulation should be enough. Also, your method of smoking will affect how much it smells, you're better off with glass than paper.
  11. Actually metal pipes work best for smell concealing.

    Glass pipes usually offer carbs, I've seen people smoke in attempt to stealth and see smoke pouring out of the carb.

    Anyways it's small details but you get the drift.
  12. Use dryer sheets, not febreeze.
  13. Cover the bowl after you hit it to prevent smoke from coming out.
    Use a sploof.
    Open a window.
    Towel the door.
    Just depends how badly you need to conceal it
    or you can just go outside.
    Go in the garage.
    Take a walk.
    Smoke in your car.
  14. Remember to close your vents!

  15. I accually have a lightbulb vape but my lighter just got stolen someone at a party I was at last week, all i have is matches and i dont think that would work too well with a vape.
  16. You should just get another lighter. shouldn't cost that much. and i heard smoking with matches is unhealthy :eek:

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