Bedroom Grow! First Time Ever!

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  1. 3/17/06
    Planted seed.

    Saran wrapped pot.

    Waiting for sprout to come.

    If I'm doing anything wrong please tell me!

    I did the following things.

    Saran Wrapped Pot.
    No light.
    No water (well except like twice).

    Did I do anything wrong? :bongin:
  2. no light?

    we have a problem
  3. Rasta, actually most people I know don't put a light on them untill they break soil.

    Sounds good to me pard'.

    What do you plan using on the buggers after they break soil , light wise?

  4. Heh... thats why i should stay off the forums when im high.

    Thought u meant you had... no light.

    scratch that.
  5. When I see it break soil imma do the following.

    Add light.

    The light is a

    120V Spot-Gro Sylvanna Bulb

    18/7 (18 Hours of Light a Day)

    Does this sound good, also I'll add water to the pot once every-other day?

    If anything is wrong tell me.
  6. Also I see water is on top of the wrap I guess this is good. Um when should I expect to see it break soil? Cause When I took the soil I found this seed that already was rooting. And I planted it again so yeah.
  7. Your light is no good.
    Get a flouro or an HID bulb.
  8. Oh okay they aren't like over like umm idk 20$? LOL
  9. Found a fluro at 7.99 at here's the stuff

    Warm White. Replaces 100W Incandescent Bulb. 1,750 Lumens. 10,000 Average Hour Life. Mfg #18927.


    27 watt Spring Compact Fluorescent Bulb

    How many should I buy? I only have one plant atm...
  10. 3/23/06

    I took the wrap off pured water in potput wrap back on and light is on the pot...

    So far so good?
  11. its very hard to judge "what is good" or not without any pictures of the progress. Theoretically, what your doing should work fine, but we need pictures in order to verify that certain stages of what is happening is actually supposed to be happening. Now, did you germinate the seeds? if so, at what length of root did you put them in the ground? How did you do it (how deep are the seeds planted in the ground?). Also, which type of soil did you use?

    As for the comment on the water on the saran wrap. You should be able to see sprouts poping through the ground..You should have been able to see sprouting approx. 12 hours after you put the seeds in the ground.....well, if you germinated them. How many seeds per pot? Ideally, you want 1 seed per pot because if the plants grow with a 'FRIEND' inside the pot with them, the roots will become entangled and they will become dwarfed.

    The light you have suggested looks much better. Now you have started looking into lumens and thats where you need to focus. The higher the lumen output rating on the bulb, the better results you will see (right spectrums of light hold a significant factor as well). How close is the light to the pot and is there any immature sprouting?

    I know i ask a lot of questions, but i have been through this stage before and i do want to help you through it as the sprouting stage seems to give people a lot of problems. Stop by my grow journal and read through it and learn from my first mistakes (lighting errors, germination errors...i finally got it right and got 6 beautiful little babies on the go now..).

    I hope some of this helps. Maybe try and get some pictures up here because it will help us "visualize" what is happening and give you advice tailored to that.


  12. Yep, its a given that if you're gonna be posting on a forum like this then you are also going to need a camera.
  13. Yeah I need battieries lol well I can tell you this.

    My uncle grew last year and I was asking loads of questions.

    He said just make a hole like from your finger tip to the closest joint on your index finger and let nature do it's thing I review the seedling and my mom said it's healthy (shes really into planting lol)
  14. your lucky that you have that type of support from the parents, i am sure there are quite a few people reading through that probably wish they got the same freedom lol...thank god for moving away from home...

  15. Yeah she dont care as long as i dont smoke it lol

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