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  1. Maybe this should be in the Micro Grow section, but security was my primary concern when I went with this setup years ago. Pick up a used chest of drawers and 2 night stands at Value Village. Remove drawers and mount the drawer fronts alone to a piece of finish plywood cut to fit the opening sans drawers and stained to match. 1/4" X 1/2" trim pieces around the inside of the opening act as stops and prevent light leaks around the removable plywood false front door. Drawer knobs on a middle drawer front are modified into 1/4 turn stealth latches. (2) 12V PC fans near the top corners at the back vent the unit effectively, and (3) 1" holes along the back at the bottom pull in fresh air. (2) 150w HPS power this two-stage stealthy bloom unit that looks just like a chest of drawers sitting there. Similar mods are made to the night stands with coil flour lights for mother and clone units. Bedrooms and bedroom furniture is very smart and stealthy. We lived in an apartment complex with high drug activity and hound dog management that held walk thru inspections twice a year, and none was the wiser.
  2. What was used to clean Air?

  3. Assume you mean odor control. I had 2 "Air Ball" ozone generators, one near the bloom chest and another near the night stand housing the Hindu Kush mother. They are the size of a softball and easily concealed. But don't look particularly suspicious anyway. And summertime temps were kept cool with a 5000 btu window A/C. I'd get about 3/4 - 1oz ea. off 4 plants every month.
  4. Pics of the cabinet bro!
  5. wow, yeah would like to see it too. How do you harvest each month? How many setups? it sounds sweet
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    I sold it to a friend a couple years ago when we moved into our own house and could commit to a bigger basement grow. And unfortunately have no pics. On another thread someone insisted, "pics or it never happened". But what I'm describing isn't really so unbelievable or impossible to be real. With the right style chest of drawers it's a relatively simple mod. And when all the drawers are removed there's nothing but an open space and thin frame strips across between the drawers that are easily removed. The unit is split into a two stage rotating bloom unit by having each 150w HPS bulb mounted vertically to it's own adj. 3/16" panel cut an inch smaller than the furniture's interior and half it's width and painted flat white. A simple makeshift hood, as it were. The ballasts are removed and modified into remotes that are mounted below and on the back outside. So heat is no real issue to vent with the 2 12v PC fans. With an 8 week strain that stays short enough, each half of the chest has 4 (could squeeze 6 in a pinch) plants a month apart. One set is finishing up, and the other is about 2 weeks into showing flower clusters. When the former are harvested, they're replaced with 4 rooted clones that already have about 2 weeks veg time while remaining in the converted night stand clone unit under CFL lighting. Once rooted in about 2 weeks, I switched to higher intensity twin 55w CFLs on a 'Y' socket adapter for the last 2 weeks before being moved into the stealth chest of drawers. As said, my stash jar was kept full and then some with 3+ zips/mo. off 4 Hindu Kush plants. Each month on the same day 4 cuttings are taken off mamma replacing where 4 rooted plants w/2 weeks of veg growth were just removed to enter one half of the bloom chest where I just harvested 4 mature plants from.
  7. Wow this amazing idea for secure your furniture. I like your thoughts because it is extra ordinary and awesome security tips. When I go any where I always lock my all stuff and furniture. I also try this tips. Any ways thanks for sharing such a nice thoughts.

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