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    I am currently at war with these little fuckers.

    I never encountered bed bugs until about 3 months ago. I had know idea what they were or what they looked like until a few weeks ago.

    I have been researching the internet the past few days to aid me in my campaign to destroy every last beg bug in my apartment, and i have learned a LOT.

    Bed bugs feed off the blood of other animals. They are attracted to warm bodies. They usually feed at night, and most active b/w 2-5am. However, they will feed during they day if they need to. They prefer human blood, but again, if need be, they will resort to animals. They feed about once a week if they can, but can go a year without feeding.

    They are hard to kill. They are flat (unless they have a full belly of your blood) and hide in very tiny spaces. They love spots like bed frames, floor/crown molding, and wood.

    I live in a really old apartment building that is primarily wood. This place is infested. The exterminator has been spraying, and i think it helps, but it isnt solving the problem.

    I only recently discovered i was being bit. Apparently bed bugs dont really carry diseases or anything, but people respond to their bites with varying degrees of allergic reaction. My roommates get bumps similar to a mosquito, but they itch more, last longer, and swell up a bit more. I seem to have very little to no reaction, so theoretically i could just ignore it and be fine, but the idea that am feeding a colony of bed bugs doesnt sit well with me.

    I am on a matress on the floor, i had to throw out my bedframe and box spring because of the infestation.

    I should add, i would never have allowed this to happen, but this is my apt at school and i was gone for 3 months over the summer. When i came back, they had established themselves.

    I am high and waiting till daytime to sleep some so that i am less likely to get bit. I will edit this and add more info as i sit here baked waiting to bait in more bugs so i can squash them.


    Centipedes and fire ants eat bed bugs... apparently they love them. I am seriously considering getting a few fire ant farms and dumping them out. I can deal with ants. Ants eat spilt soda and apple cores, not me while i sleep.

    Steam cleaning every inch of everything seems to be the most suggested method to get rid of them. but that wouldnt work where i live. there is shag carpet and the ceiling is giant wooden 8x8 posts
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    Thats sucks man... I have never had a 1st person encounter with them, but my friends had them in their house(they rented for college.). They burned all their furniture and mattresses(sp?) and had a party of it... It took care of the problem i guess, but i hope you have the same luck they had.
  3. NO fire ants:eek: Those bastards will climb into your bed just to sting you! There was a case in Louisiana a few years ago where they killed an elderly lady:( They're sting leaves a nasty pus-filled,itchy,burning pustule:( I still have multiple SCARS from a nasty attack. My wife got bit in the middle of a freakin' Wal-mart! There main goal is ATTACK:smoke:

    You're in for a tough battle,bed bugs can be very tough to get rid of, best of luck:smoke:
  4. get them high, prick your finger, and leave a trail of blood to your next door neighbour
  5. Ok, well i know how to eradicate ants, they are much easier to handle than bed bugs.

    Honestly, im too lazy to really attempt this. But u think this will work?
  6. ^^ that worked for my friend minus the fire ants. I would say throw out what you can afford to throw out. the mattress might hafta go too. or if you have a lot of money just move and abandon everything lol, bedbugs blow.
  7. jeez thats awful. So are you in New York or something, isn't that primarily where its going down....yikes!

    I wouldn't be able to sleep at night, she should just get like 10 bug bombs and bomb the shit out of them.

    Yea fire ants can be a bitch. id be careful

  8. No dude im a broke ass college student. I have no extra money.

    I have 2 bug bombs but cant use it. This is a big ass building and there are tons of rooms. So if i use a fogger it will just send them out of my room for a day, and then they come back as soon as the shit is gone, but a few stay in the other rooms and begin to infest over there. Im pretty sure id need permission from the management to set it off too, cause im sure it would set off the smoke detectors.

    I am bite free though. I stayed up last night and slaughtered the little fuckers as they tried to jump me.

    I also found about 20 dead ones clustered up behind my closet door, so perhaps the exterminator treatment shit they sprayed is actually starting to work.

    Also, another tactic i have been using is changing up where i sleep every night. I live like a nomad in my own room. That way they cant develop any regular cycles and really bite me. They are gonna have to work hard and be sneaky as shit if they want some of me.
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    dude find a exterminator that has one of those giant heaters it basicly heats your apt up to like 135 F or some high temp and it kills all of the bed bugs then they spray to make sure there dead and wont come back last resort burn the building down lol hate bed bugs rather have roachs then those suckers

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Discovery Channel's Verminators Destroy Bed Bugs With ThermaPure Heat[/ame]! check this out man
  10. Bro, go to south philly look for a man named two fingered bill, buy a Decent dose of heroine, then shoot up before bed, they'll be laying around you dead the next morning i promise. lol

    Butno i keep a spray bottle full of rubbing alchohol and torch any intruder thats willing to bite me lmao.
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    I had bed bugs about two years ago, and got rid of them myself. Here's a few tips from my own experience.

    First, get vinyl matress and box spring coverings, and spray the bed parts before and after you cover them. Very important: Cover the zippers with tape because the infant bed bugs can get through zippers, even when they are closed. Thre are also more expensive bed coverings, usually meant for mites, that also prevent bed bugs from entering the bed - but vinyl covers are only a few dollars and work fine. The vinyl will eventually rip, and have to be replaced. You can get mite-proof pillow cases as well, but a new pillow in it's original plastic bag, with a cloth pillow cover, will suffice.

    If you have wood floors, wash them thoroughly with Murphy Oil Soap - this repels and kills bed bugs.

    If your bed is on a metal frame, spread vaseline on the legs so that the bugs can't climb up on the bed, and don't let sheets and blankets touch the floor.

    One bed bug killer that I used was a powder called "Results Indoor Insect Killer", by Diatect. Insect Killer: Why is DIATECT®'s Indoor Insect Killer an Amazing Insect Killer.

    Another one, which is a spray that can be used on the bed, is called Sprayway Good Night, which is similar to Bedlam, another product that is considered very good.

    Good luck and don't let the bed bugs bite.
  12. I had bed-bugs about 3-4 years ago, I was appearantly feeding them for many months, without me knowing. When I told my parents they thought it was an allergic reaction to all the bites on my face,body, and arms.

    I called an exterminator and It costed me $1000. Very expensive, but we had to call them in at least 3-5 times before they were actually gone.

    Very hard to get rid of them get a good exterminator if you own the apartment, or if it's owned by a landlord, then tell your landlord he must pay I believe depending on the rules. If not MOVE out. Not worth putting money in an apartment that isn't yours.

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