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Becoming a stoner: ADDICTION OR CHOICE?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Messiah Decoy, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Is being a stoner a sign of addiction or is it no different from any other lifestyle choice?
  2. Also what's the difference between psychological addiction and choosing to stay stoned much of the time?
  3. Im high a lot, its a conscious choice I make. I enjoy it, you gonna call me an addict? :bongin:
  4. I'd say yes, i am addicted. But i've been addicted to real drugs so takin a t break for months or years is nothing.
  5. Addiction is the need, being a stoner is having the desire to smoke. Although stoners usually appreciate the greatness of Mary as well.
  6. I could stop tomorrow if I wanted but I choose not to.
  7. Addiction and (physical)dependence are not the same thing, you can be addicted to anything..weed, a certain food, a game..

    Addiction isn't really a good word to throw around when talking about weed, since the ignorant use the word in attempt to harm the good name of cannabis
  8. they are mutually exclusive
  9. There's times I go a while with out smoking and I guess you cld say I get that addictive personality an hour before I smoke. My only thought process is getting baked. But if I had to stop and I never knew when to start again it wldnt b a problem.
  10. I'm not physically addicted to weed, because, well weed isn't physically addictive. However, I am addicted to the 'feeling' the 'high' I get when I smoke weed, the same way somebody can be addicted to a video game or TV series. Like an above poster said, I could quit smoking weed without any physical withdrawal. Although... I would be very bored, and some anxiety issues may re-appear, so I'M NOT GONNA!

  11. No they aren't dude. You can be both physically dependent and psychologically addicted, easy.
  12. that's what they all say you filthy pot addict!
  13. Whoa, whoa, settle down over there man! Lol
  14. it doesnt matter how much you smoke as long as you wouldnt have trouble taking a 3 month t break for a good reason
  15. Lol all stoners would have a problem with that. Regardless. We could all do it if we needed to
  16. how do you think your mother would feel when she walks in on your dead body from a marijuana overdose?
  17. Lmao, I really wanna believe you're joking but one can never be too sure.
  18. So how do you know the difference between choosing freely to do an activity often and being psychologically addicted?

    Is there a difference?
  19. Even if you were psychologically addicted, it would still be a matter of free will whether or not you end up smoking. Either way you make the choice

    You can ask yourself why you made that choice, though
  20. I make the choice every time I want to smoke. If that's an addiction than holy shit, we're all addicted to almost everything. Maybe people use it as a crutch, but what's wrong with using something that helps you get through things? Basically addiction is just a word and unless you're physically dependant on a substance it's not addictive.

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