Becoming a Professor is definitely the longest job application ever.

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  1. 1) Go to a 4 year college.
    4)Graduate School
    5)Associate Professor
    6) Professor (people are rarely younger than 40 as a true "professor") so all of those old ass professors are more than likely "professors" and those that are associate professors make half the salary of actual professors. So an associate professor would get $33,000 and and promoted professor would make $99,000. Damn that's a long list huh?
    Then a council actually chooses who becomes a professor... so this means, 
    that all those years put in won't guarantee the job. Damnnnnn! Doctors start their careers wayyy earlier than college professors.

  2. That's a promotion process not application...

    That's like saying it takes your whole life to become a CEO if you have to climb like 6 levels of management ladder
  3. Yea, I know but it takes a really long time to get a better salary.
  4. And I'm highhh so it made me think of it.
  5. I am thankful for that process.. A lot of dumb ass teachers out their teaching young kids crap and biased info
  6. Yea, it takes a lot of dedication.
    yea i think people that become professors are not doing it for money lol
    also a lot of professors have side jobs like they own their own consulting firm or law firm or whatever.
    tenured professors do the same thing lol
  8. Yeah.. I hate that rule that if you work for a certain amount of time you are a perma-teacher. Bitches be 90 years old teaching me racism indirectly 
  9. seems kind of worth it in exchange for never having to do any work
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    What college do you go to that professors dont have a Ph.D. and 5+ yrs experience?

    You must be an art major :p

    And many professors especially older ones already retired and do this.
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    Haha.. big assumptions buddy
    Wouldn't expect anything else from a finance major  :p  So.. what will the Dow be tomorrow?! Are you sure?!?!
    Btw I am accounting. Regardless of who your post was intended for. A lot of my teachers are retired from wall street or own consulting firms as someone else said. In high school, my junior year I had 3 teachers that graduated Harvard.
    The deeper you get into your studies the more qualifications and life experience they have.. which I am very grateful for. Although these teachers do add to our abnormally large property taxes
    it's saturday tomorrow so the dow is not going anywhere.
  13. I have a professor who has their doctorate  and is in his young 30s I think. Good teacher to
  14. There's plenty of professors that are extremely biased.

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    It is true, but the good ones will let you know when they are side tracking from the material and just expressing their emotions or whatever.
    At a young age though it can be toxic
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    most professors have an openly liberal slant.
  17. No, I am actually an English major.
  18. One of my teachers is just like this. He's a bit younger and actually understands students since he's not that old yet. The older ones tend to be more bias towards what they are teaching.
    maybe YOU are the one with a conservative slant.

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