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Becoming A Daily Toker

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hotdog585, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Was wondering how the progression to a daily toker worked for you blades. After my first time smoking I started reading on here and decided it sounded fun. Two months later I smoked for my 5th time with some buddies, and from there it's been a daily thing.
  2. It happened the same way for me. First few times I did it very far in between and it slowly progressed over the first 6 months. After that I have been a daily smoker since. Just started making my own bho actually. Got my first nail and rig, I'm now addicted to dabbing
  3. worked for me the day my friend bought my mflb for my birthday. started off smoking once every week or two, then a few times a week, then after i got my MFLB i pretty much was getting every high, (and still am) every night because it is so fucking convenient and cheap.
  4. Sounds like you guys are exhibiting common signs of addiction to marijuana. Have you considered rehab?
  5. Everyone blade in the field is addicted to the herb and they know it. It's habit forming but it is very possible to quit when needed.
  6. Personally i wouldnt toke daily. fucks up your head
  7. How so?
  8. On the contrary. I've been a daily smoker two years running. Graduated high school with a 4 point and am currently in pharmacy school.
  9. 4.0 as well here and currently a California State Certified Phlebotomist.
  10. 18-22 y/o I smoked maybe three times a month, just some weekends when friends had it.
    Then in April I developed some health issues. I discovered that it makes me feel infinitely better, unlike any pill I've tried. Since then I've done my best to not run dry.
  11. I did it like 5 times, then bought a 40 sack for myself of some mids and been smokin daily ever since
  12. I'm just fuckin with ya. I started smoking daily when I started buying my own bud.
  13. After the first few times I fell in love with Mary Jane, it's been a wrap from then on!
  14. I had a weird progression. Started at age 13, smoked a couple times in 2 weeks and didn't get high so I gave up for a few months, tried it again and BAM soooo high. loved it, got high pretty much 5/7 days (every school day) for my grade 9 year age 14-15 with my 2 best friends, but at that point never really smoked alone ever. Quit in grade 10 due to really bad anxiety issues in combination with herb.

    Once I hit grade 12 I started smoking occasionally again with friends as I mostly overcame my anxiety, started loving it more and more but was still only smoking like 2 times a week. Then one day I decided to buy a vape, loved it, smoked pretty much every day since, eventually even ditched the vape and went back to bongs and js.
  15. I started in 8th grade and smoked a few times a week until I got my first job and had the money to toke everyday.

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