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Becoming A 7-Day-A-Week Wake-And-Baker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by londoner81, May 26, 2013.

  1. So my already heavy daily weed consumption has been tending to increase recently. I don't have to work this summer, and I'm more than entitled to be very kind and gentle to myself after years of hard work and excessive stress.
    And I've realized in the last few days: I am now choosing to be really high all the timefrom the moment i first wake up in the morning every day to the moment my head hits the pillow at night... including smoking in the middle of the night if I wake up. :) 
    And this is amazing. I am so detached from reality right now with the huge amount I'm smoking (like a quarter of weed in less than three days), and that's OK, and it's incredibly awesome. I am going deeply into my intense relationship with Mary Jane and learning so much really crucial 'life stuff' from her. Scientists and doctors would undoubtedly call me a "drug addict" right now - I need my herb, I'm hungry for it, every couple of hours all day every day. But what I am experiencing is an incredible emotional and spiritual journey, a great soothing. I can't explain why I want and need my herb so much, but I just know I do, and that I am not going to deny myself any time soon. I'm not ashamed, very proud in fact, to be a full-on marijuana addict. I'll stop sometime when I have a good reason to, and when I want to - that time just isn't now.
    Just wondering if anyone can relate to my story and offer me any words of comparison or encouragement? Did you ever look back after going down the 'chronic stoner' road yourself? 
    Now if you'll excuse me, I have something to do  :smoking:

  2. I hope that when your spiritual journey is over you have discovered something deep about yourself. Never stop questioning and allow your mind to flow freely. Have a great summer blade.
  3. There were a few points (probably more) points in my life where I was high all day and every day for an extended period of time. I'd wake up, go to the gym, and toke all day long (I like to keep healthy and can't concentrate if I go to the gym high).
    I learned a lot about myself and was able to think about things and upcoming difficult obstacles in my life more clearly. I made the best decisions long term while high and don't regret it. I also had a lot of fun with friends and doing whatever I wanted to do stoned. I'd smoke consistently through the day. It was a good feeling too when you're looking forward to the end of the constant high-days. I looked forward to being sober for a while to actually do what I had planned to do when stoned.
    After I get done with this year tolerance break, I plan to stay high for the next 2-3 months constantly and then take a break for 2 months and resume my normal smoking routine (smoke regularly but not stay high every single moment).
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    Hey, if you can afford to smoke all day long then go for it. As long as it is not affecting your daily life there's nothing wrong with it. If I was financially set, I'd be like Snoop Doggy Dogg.  :hippie:
  5. You shouldn't let weed run your life. Shit i smoke everyday and i love to be away from reality ,especially at night, but still remember life is real lol and we gotta live it . Don't revolve your life around weed let weed revole around your life... oh btw I'm high already haha
    This is so validating for me. Thank you so very much. Yes, I expect to always have those sober periods in-between times. But really, for the time being this is the path I'm supposed to be on to grow as a person. God bless Mary Jane.
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    Sounds like you're just making excuses and wanting other peoples approval of what you're doing because you obviously aren't quite sure what to think of what you are doing. Two threads on this in wait the last ten minutes? none of which you are really even asking a question just telling people about how you smoke so much and feel so awesome because of it.

    So cool? smoke all you want, but if you need our validation then something is clearly not 'alright' with you.

    Whatever it is spit it out and stop beating around the bush like you have been. Best just to face up to your problems then seek validation in what you so clearly view as wrong.
    EDIT: Sorry not ten minutes, three hours..
  8. This is actually really useful to me right now. Thank you. I'm deep in therapy right now and addressing self-esteem and 'permission' issues, and I guess you could call everything I'm doing here a bit of a behaviour experiment. To loudly get an answer of "So what? Just get on and do what you want, dude" like this speaks volumes to me.
    Maybe this sounds weird, but hopefully someone might recognize and understand.
    OP- To agree with something already said on this thread, as long as your normal existence (such as it is) isn't hindered or derailed by it, and you have the means to safely do so, by all means.  I recommend coming off of it, though, if you become so permafried that you start fucking everything up priority-wise, as this can happen. (I've seen it, and done it) All in all...go on the journey, man. I did it, and I believe every ganja smoker worth their salt should at some time, too. - *d$* / Sativa Kenevil / jah

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