Become A Time-Traveller

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  1. Space-time coordinates are based on imprints, which have static time-lines associated with the frequency of that particular reality-model. Every individual reality-model has its own frequency, which means its own time-line, or velocity of the passing of time. Time is entirely relative to a particular reality-model. Those who cling to their imprinted reality-model stay within that one frequency, that one space-time velocity, and therefore inhabit reality-islands populated with other individuals who share the same frequency. An individual who transcends hir imprinted reality-model, and understands the process of imprinting and its associated relativity, could somewhat metaphorically, although fairly accurately from a technical standpoint, be called a time-traveller. This is because SHe is able to witness various reality-models and their associated time-lines, and “travel” between them.

    At this point, it becomes important to detach from your accumulated concepts of time, and your understanding of the location in space-time which you dwell. Consider the various stages in the progression of your relationships with all of the individuals in your life throughout the time that you have lived. Consider potential future developments which could occur. If time is entirely relative, and we all inhabit our own time-lines, then it is a logical deduction that one should not give in to any negative emotional state in response to any interpersonal connection which is not guaranteed to be consistent throughout all time. Needless to say, this also holds true for personal problems. It seems most, if not all, negative feelings stem from our understanding of time. “I miss the way things used to be.” When you understand the relativity of time, this is no longer a valid concern. Say you’re having difficulty linking up with another individual in the way you would like. With understanding of relative time-lines, this is no longer an issue. Say you’re impatient for something that you look forward to in the future. Not an issue, without a static time-line. Can you see how the concept of one static time-line is the cause of perhaps all of our perceived problems?
  2. So how, then, do you propose we transcend our linear 3rd-dimensional existence?

    A related question:

    How do you describe the concept of "up" to a two dimensional being?

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