Become a Joint Master How to roll some tricky joints PICS!

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    Once mastered, the joint rolling technique opens a realm of possibilities for weird and wonderful creations. The Diamond is a good place to start and when made with care smokes surprisingly well.

    Roll a straight, fat joint with a sturdy roach and carefully cut it in two using a pair of scissors or a knife.

    Roll two identical joints, without roaches and slightly thinner than the first. Put slightly less mix in their centers so that you can bend them later on. Consistency is important here, the joints must burn at the same rate.

    Roll two identical joints, without roaches and slightly thinner than the first. Put slightly less mix in their centers so that you can bend them later on. Consistency is important here, the joints must burn at the same rate. Carefully trim away any excess paper from all four joints, leaving the mix flush with the paper. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Cut the gummed strips from ten spare papers (the wide strips from king skins are best) and put to one side.

    Now for the tricky bit... Join the two identical joints to the segment of the first joint containing the roach. Use some of the gummed strips to bandage the join as shown. It is best to do this on a flat surface. Keep bandaging until you are confident everything is airtight and secure. [​IMG] [​IMG] Very gently, bend the two joints at their centers until they meet to form a diamond shape.

    Finally, bandage the joint to the remaining at the end of the diamond, using the gummed strips as before. Pat yourself on the back, you're officially a diamond geezer!


  2. Three way heaven! Okay, okay, it's fiddly to make but you can use it again and again. Best of all, it'll hold three of your favorites.

    Make a roach the length and diameter of a thick pencil and seal it with papers or tape. [​IMG] [​IMG] Cut two large, circular holes either side of the roach, about 3cm from the end. Make a second roach, half the length of the first and slightly narrower. [​IMG] [​IMG] Cut the biggest posible hole you can make through the centre of the second roach. Join the two roaches by inserting the second tube through the hole you made in the first. Rotate the smaller tube untill the central smoke hole is in line with the larger tube. If you can see through all the tubes then you've cracke d it. [​IMG] [​IMG] Carefully seal the roahes with tape or gummed strips. Keep bandaging untill your sure it's airtight. To use the roach simply add your choice of joints to the protruding ends. Any joints will work altough it helps if they burn at the same rate. Bingo! [​IMG]
  3. An Amsterdam specialty, the tulip is often found (usually half-smoked) in the hands of an unconscious tourist. A good tulip is deceptively smooth to smoke and easier to roll than it looks.

    Make a roach about the length and diameter of a pencil and seal it with a couple of large papers. [​IMG] [​IMG] Take two more large papers and stick them together to form a square with gummed strip running along one side. Fold corner A over to corner B to form a triangle, leaving the gummed strip uncovered. [​IMG] [​IMG] Wet the strip and fold it over to seal the triangle. You should now have something resembling a flatenned paper cone. Open up the cone and tightly pack it with layers of carefully blended mix. [​IMG] [​IMG] Gently crimp together the excess paper at the end of the cone. Place the roach in the centre of the cone, using the crimped paper to hold it in position. [​IMG] [​IMG] Finally, secure the roach by tying thread around the crimped paper, (a rubber band works well too) keeping everything as tight as possible. Blooming tulip-tastic!
  4. I mean it's cool cause it looks pretty tight and takes a bit of talent but it's extremely wasteful. I am sure you know that since your name has "glass" in it.
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  6. Fly into fantasy on the ax Minster of your dreams! Popular in North Africa, where a cigarette segment is substituted for the roach, the Carpet is ideal for those that like 'em short and fat.

    Stick two papers together to form a square with a gummed strip along one side. [​IMG] [​IMG] Take a third paper and stick it, face down, to the end of the first two. There is plenty of space for mix so you can trim away any excess paper. [​IMG] [​IMG] Roll the joint as normal then twist the end to secure the third paper. Grip that pile and prepare for take-off!
  7. Perfect for skinning up in awkward situations, the Trembler is speedy, simple, uses only two papers and comes highly recommended.
    A classic quickie.

    Stick two papers together at 45 angel as shown. [​IMG] [​IMG] Add the mix and the roach. The layout of the papers makes the Trembler perfect for a cone shaped creation. When the rolling the joint, stick down the first paper... [​IMG] [​IMG] before wetting the second and wrapping it around to seal the smoking end of the joint. Voila!
  8. Roaches don't filter the smoke but they do allow it to flow, and smoke condenses in cylinders. A good roach also stops the joint from dissolving in your mouth or burning your lips when you chase that last elusive toke.
    Here's how to make a good one.

    [​IMG] The shape and size of roach is down to personal taste. Wide roaches can make smoke rough whereas tight ones tend to clog, so somewhere in the middle is probably best.
    Plain, unprinted card is healthier as some printing inks can emit poisonous fumes when burnt. An excellent roach can be made from a 2cm by 7cm strip of thin card. Tightly roll the card at a slight angel so that the end of the roach is conical. Roll your joint with the roach already inside (conical end facing outward) and let the card spring out a little to allow the smoke to flow.
    Some smoker prefer to insert the roach after making the joint (I do), Others find that putting the roach in before rolling is less fiddly and makes for a neater fit and a speedier roll. Go with what suits you.Check out the joint pages for some roaches that do more than just act as mouthpieces.
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  10. yea its no 7 minute movie but its cool, anyway.
  11. dudes where im from the roach is the ass of a doobster and the crutch holds it open for maximum rippage. but yeah ha :smoke:
  12. lol i read all the shit off weedfarmer like 4 years ago when i googled ''how to roll a joint''
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  14. Awesome man, I have a way that can add a bit more fun in smoking joint.
    Mix some partly ground Cinnamon with the marijuana made ready to be filled in the joint

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  15. You chose to make your first post on the forums in a thread thats 5 1/2 years old and suggested people add cinnamon to their joints.? Really.?
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