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Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. i'll tell you all about my horrible 420. sorry ahead of time its so long

    started off getting up at 8AM. i browsed GC and then took a shower. i studied a bit and browsed the forum and watched TV until about 1230. went and got a hair cut and drove to school. took a test at 3, which thankfully i felt really good about. called my girl but she didnt answer. start my slow drive to work (its 4 and i dont need to be at work till 545). i get in my car, and plug my iPod into my stereo, roll my windows down in the 95 degree heat, and pump "legalize it" by peter tosh, and a few sublime and bob marley tunes. get a call to come into work early at 5 so i'm like hell ya.

    stop by checkers and get funny looks from clerks for listening to peter tosh and pull into work a few minutes later. i eat my shit and right before i go into work my girlfriend texts me "no call?" so i call her and told her i called and left a message. she SAYS she never got it. i'm like oh well. i have to go into work right now. sucks we didnt talk. i get in and instead of going to my easy ass area at UPS like usual, the stick me into this freakin hot as hell trailer and make me load for an hour and a half. i was already damn pissed

    6:30 i go to my usual easy area, air bay and finally chill some. then i get the text. "i can now say i've smoked on 4/20".... from my girlfriend. now let me give you some back story. she HATES HATES HATES! that i smoke. i once told her i wanted to start growing and she told me if i did she wouldnt have anything to do with me. we almost broke up over shit like that so i told her i wouldnt smoke with UF-Toker anymore. and she would say like "oh you'll give in" and bullshit like that. and if i went to one of my boy's houses she would say "go have fun smoking" in a mean way and it pissed me the fuck off. anyway, it got to the point i wanted to blow up. one night i went to eat special brownies with a friend and she told me that she was talking to her mom and the she hoped i felt sick.... i puked them up that night... so after all this anti-smoking bullshit she puts me through, she goes and tokes on 420 when i have to work?!? fuck that

    i tell her if she's serious then we are pretty much through, i havent talked to her since. she called over and over and text me last night, i had to send a text back that i havent listened to any of her voicemails or texts and that i was turning the phone off

    i'm sure the grammar and shit in there sucks and it may not make sense, but i felt i had to say it. thanks all for listening

    did i do the right thing? should i get back with her? i'm just so heated. i was literally shaking at work and almost hit this guy in the face who was messing with me, who i usually tell to calm down and smoke a blunt lol


  2. yea that is a kick to the nuts.

    not really sure of what advice to give.

    i would be really pissed to though if my girlfriend always nagged on me about it and then went and smoked up.

    my girlfriend smoked for her first time the other night here. I never wanna pressure her but some people were over and we were just sitting around drinking. As I was gonna go smoke some she was like "ill try". sure she only took one hit and coughed alot so she never took another. im just proud she did!

    keep us upto date on whats going down!
  3. that really sucks bro, sorry you had a crappy 420 and about your girl.not sure what you should say to your girl cause i aint you but ignoring her forever aint worth it, trust me never wanna ignore your girl to long heh.maybe give her a call and see what she says then go from there.hope it all works out and cant wait till we chill again, we gotta toke up and make up for that night you were sick bro!peace
  4. Now you may like (love?) your girlfriend very much... and I'm sorry if I offend you by saying this...

    but she sounds I-N-S-A-N-E!
  5. idk UCF, thats seriously some BULLSHIT! and ive been through the same thing a couple times lol, the last girl i had said if she saw me smoke anymore she wouldnt date me anymore, so i pulled a fat nug out and packed the bong right then and there and hit it and said, Maryjane is always number 1! so deal with her. lol. I would be uber pissed if she sid that shit to me and then and went and toked with another person, id be out raged and would just be like, fuck that im done with you(idk how serious you are about this girl so please dont take my advice, cause thats how i am cause i know i can find a hott stoner chick after i break up with my ex's) Good luck to you man, and when u come up to Ky ill make sure to hook u up with one haha.
  6. hang strong brosky
  7. UCF forgot to mention how hot she is....
  8. sounds like my ex-girl. that is a kick in the nuts. it really is. its a low blow just to make you feel bad. i know what this is like FIRST HAND. mine didnt know i smoked and was aginst pot smoking in any sense. she found out i was still smoking and dumped me in the worst way possible. i was honestly in LOVE with her. she meant so much to me and still does. she told me it was the first time i had ever hurt her and it was going to be the last. those were the last words she EVER exchanged to me.

    now a year and 3 months later im still left with those words. it was horrible. i still regret it. and i dont know how or what i did wrong. i guess its one of those things that will be over my head forever.
  9. Here's how i see the situation:
    girl saw you involved with something she was afraid of (weed).
    girl, because she was afraid, tried to extricate you from the situation.
    girl finally gets over her fear, b/c it seems to matter to you, and smokes.
    you dump her.

    i can see why she wouldn't want to smoke with you the first time... she might be afraid of how you'd percieve her... if she'd do something stupid... etc. but what do i know? I say chill the fuck out, and be glad she's no longer anti-pot.

    let me repeat that. Chill the fuck out, and be glad she's no longer anti-pot.
  10. Did I mention how hott she was?
  11. wow. crazy responses. we ended up talking a bit and we're now going back out fo sho. it was kinda weird at first, but she really does mean a lot to me. i think it was just everything piled up and i just got fed up you know? but thankfully we're good now lol.... fuckin sucks shes on her period though :p
  12. yeah, some bitches get like that.
    hope it works out man.:smoking:
  13. some bitches get on a period or some bitches do stupid shit like that? :p
  14. That shit happened to me... except not on 4.20... and I don't work at Checker's. Dump that shit so fast... that just shows her character, and it's BAD. BAD BAD BAD!!! GET THE FUCK AWAY MOTHER FUCKER!!!!! I'm serious... take this advice. And never let a bitch tell you to not grow or smoke... because she's just like the government, taking you're GOD GIVEN BASIC HUMAN MOTHER FUCKING RIGHTS!!! Fuckin' fascists...
  15. woa bro lol. i dont work at checkers i got chicken tenders there. and i love her to much to break it off over shit like that. and i dont think she's a fascist....
  16. Both of course! :D

    ...and I agree, she is a fascist! Heil Hitler!:wave:
  17. he was a socialist. the italians were fascists
  18. he was sick thats what he was.... ironcily his birthday is on 4/20....
  19. What's Hitler got to do with UCF-Toker's situation?

    Anyway, if you really like/love the girl, then you should be able to get through this without all the negative feelings. If you've gotten over it, as you seem to have done since you're going out again, then put the shit behind you. Just think... you can now get high with her, thus creating another facet in your relationship. Don't refer back to the fall out you guys had over it... ever. If you're over it, be over it. If not, then you should deal with it now, not when you have your next argument. Get over it and move on. There's Life ahead to be lived... don't waste it on worrying about the past. :cool:
  20. great post tweech. i was hoping you would post in here. and i love how that topic changed. damn stoner message boards lol.

    anyway, we're doing pretty good again. we spent that day together and it was nice. dunno if i mentioned it before, but our ten month is tuesday. i'm thinkin of getting her flowers and a really sweet card. also, she's smoked a total of 3 times now and says she's never gotten high. now i dunno if she's been smoking schwag or what, but she told me its my job to get her stoned now lol. so im gonna find florida's best white window or blue strain and knock her on her ass lol

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