Because I did so much opiates for my first time...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Barnkis, Feb 23, 2009.

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    I have to take so much to feel the desired effects. If I'm not in a complete nod it's not enough for me. Sucks.

    For those who are wondering I snorted ~ 100 MG OC my first time (I know, not smart). Lets just say I was nodding the fuck out.
  2. Ha, damn bro.

    My first opiate nod was only 30 mg oxycodone orally.

    Opiates are still fun as shit though.
  3. Hah. My body hated me the next morning. So much puking!
  4. no, no you did not.

    calling shenanigans because you're still alive.
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    Yeah,I know dude's just like you man.It has been around 20 day's since I have not had any,dont know why i said that.Suppose so I could feel better about not using them even though I hurt bad and can't sleep.

    Dude I know has to take around 100 mg's of Hydrocodone for a buzz,I know this isnt Oxycodone but damn,having that high a tolerance and not even doing them everyday is just crazy.I had given hime a few Oxycodone 15 mg instant relaease tablets and he railed 3 and took 3.I thought he was going to be puking in my bathroom all night but he was good to go and not even nodding.(he doesnt do opiates but once a month if that,so he says)I am hoping my tolerance goes down alittle.Dman talking about this make's me want to pop the cap right now and eat some.

    Hey Agent,why alway's have to say someone is lying?Does it actually bother you that much to make you look naive?I mean it is very possible for this to happen,if you think everyone else reacts as you do to every chemical I dont really know what to say.
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    first time I did Opiates was in junior in HS I didnt yet really know my drugs... i took 1 7.5 watson didnt really feel much. was like fuck it. the rest of em were....... ya know ;)

    Then Next time I did 10mg of hydros and like 2mg klonnys this was only my second time doing opiates and it was a 1 year + later.... was feelin good also smoked a shit ton of weed the first time really really helps hydrocodones effect

    Third time: I did 3 7.5 watsons and smoked mad bowls and i began to love the nod.

    been many since

  7. Well that sucks that you believe so. I know I did, you don't have to believe me.

  8. yea barnkis is a cool dude and honestly he has no reason to lie, I know kids who have done an 80 their first time and lived.

    And word barkis I believe you dont matter what other people think if u know u did it

    klonnys out
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    Ha how those Klonnys treatin ya?


    My one friend first started smoking when I was heavy into it. I had a big tolerance so when I smoked him up I would blaze like 6 bowls. He would be like passout high lol.

    So now whenever he smokes, even though he has no tolerance he has to smoke lots or he's not at that 'level' of high that he thinks is being high.

    same sort of thing
  10. barbs? u mean ma kpinz?
  11. Yeah I meant to edit but I pressed the button like 10 minutes after I typed it up lol
  12. I took half an 80 the first time and the second time snorted a whole half and threw up a few times. I dont know how you snorted 100mg oxycontin the first time i would have probably died thats fuckin insane
  13. very very very well 10mg and a firecracker

    im in another zone

    fuck waiting on a morphine tab and oxy pickup hopefully before thursday
  14. Awesome. Just cooked up some crackers myself.
  15. mmmmmm today the firecracker wasnt bad at for some reason but that was prolly cause i was so gone on benzos.... washed down nice with grapefruit juice
  16. lol holy shit. that's pretty amazing. is it weird that my first opiate use was codeine? i don't like it much anymore, lean that is.
  17. I always thought the weed taste made them taste pretty good
  18. Na, i mean anyone that wants to try a painkiller is going to try what they can get. Plus people dont usually start getting into oxys for their first opiate, and deffinately dont have the balls to snort down 100mg without trying any opiates ever in their life
  19. I dont really catch a nod just from opiates anymore... though i'll get one after taking a couple hits of purple or if there's benzos in the mix...or if i just do a lot of heroin

  20. yea last time I did percs i really need that klonny to nod hard... damn weaker opiates

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